Hiking on Trnovačko Lake - a unique HEART-SHAPED LAKE. A full day trip and walk in the Sutjeska National Park, where you will enjoy the most beautiful mountain landscapes. This beautiful glacial lake is at 1517 meters above sea level and is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the region. Along the way, from Dragos Sedlo, we visit the lookout over the Perucica primeval forest and the Skakavac waterfall. From Prijevor is the best view of the mountain Maglič, the top of BiH ..

Rafting Centar Drina-Tara, hiking, Trnovacko lake

Time Schedule for This Offer

We are starting from our Rafting Centar Drina-Tara around 10a.m. A one-hour ride with our Jeeps to Sutjeska National Park (Zelengora, Perucica prime forest) where we get to a high over look, giving you a fantastic panorama like you have never seen before. 11a.m. Continuing our mountain drive.

  • Tour in the prime forest, the only one in Europe, with magnificent view on the Skakavac waterfall with height of 81 meters,
  • Ride in jeeps to mountain crease Prijevor from where you can have magnificent view to the most of Sutjeska National Park, the highest peak in BiH Maglic etc.,
  • Next, on Prijevor, we tour the mountain "katun"s. 
  • Continue hiking from Prijevor to a fantastic glacier lakes, under Maglic - Trnovacko lake. The hiking is about 5.5 km long (1668m-1357m-1517m) and it takes about 1.5h of walking. We come to the final destination of our hiking - to Trnovacko Lake. The lake is of a unique heart shape, about 3 km in volume. The greatest depth is 9m. It is extremely clean and transparent, as well as all ice lakes, which is why they are known to the people as "mountain eyes". In July and August it is possible to swim in it. The brave ones sometimes do it  in June. Snack break is on lake Trnovacko. Count on about 4 hours hiking-trekking in both directions,
  • Return to vehicles up to 6 p.m.,
  • Return to Bastasi in our Rafting Centar Drina-Tara Drina-Tara” until 7.30 p.m.

Organic Food - Menu for This Offer

Lunch day 1:

Snack during hiking will be in form of rich lunch packages with homemade food.

Remark for the menu:

Please order vegetarian food, or food which excludes certain ingrediants before or at the beginning of the package.


There isn't a minimum number of participants for this package?s realization.
Minimum participants' age is 8.
Previous experience is not necessary.
Prices are in euros, per person. .
All the packages can be prolonged, combined, etc. on demand.
We pays special attention to maximum security and comfort for our guests.
We reserve the right to assess whether a person has a minimum of physical fitness for activities.

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  1. Gleb @ Mar 29. 2021

    At last!! See you this summer guys! This time I'm going to swim in Trnovacko! You are the best!!!

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