A one-day arrangement created for adrenaline lovers. This unusual experience of going down the longest zip line in this part of Europe together with the tour of Pivsko lake and the beautiful Piva canyon.
Tourist taxes, national park taxes, insurance, free parking, transfers during the arrangement and similar fees are included in the price.

Time Schedule for This Offer

Zip line& The Piva canyon and Pivsko lake

Our vehicles will take you from our rafting center Drina Tara at agreed time. The ride to zip line takes about 30 minutes but along the way we will have stops at some breathtaking viewpoints in the Piva canyon, which is, according to some, even more beautiful than the Tara canyon. We will cross the unique Cicmil bridge which connects two cliffs in the heart of the Piva canyon without any central pillars. We will have a short break at the dam of hydroelectric power plant Mratinje, once the tallest dam in the world with the lake depth of over 200meters.

We arrive to the zip line through the canyon. The length of the zip line is 1400m which makes it the biggest attraction of its kind in the region. Our guests will get full equipment to go down the zip line. Then we will return to the camp with our vehicles.

The total cost of this outing is 30 euro per person. Transport from our camp to the zip line and back is included,as well as all additional taxes, zip line equipment, tour of the Piva canyon and hydroelectric power plant Mratinje.

Note: Zip line tour takes about 2-3 hours so that you can plan it as additional activity after rafting or another activity. It can be done at any time of day and the minimum number of participants is 2.

Organic Food - Menu for This Offer

Breakfast day 1:



Minimum number of participants for this package is 2
Minimum participants' age is 8
Previous experience is not necessary
All the packages can be prolonged, combined, etc. on demand.
Prices are in euros, per person .
We pays special attention to maximum security and comfort
Due to crowds on Saturdays' rafting, the start on that day can be at 9a.m., 11a.m. or 2.30p.m.
We reserve the right to assess whether a person has a minimum of physical fitness for activities

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Zip Line & Pivsko LakeZip Line & Pivsko Lake