This unique E-bike mountain tour starts from the southern entrance to the Zelengora mountain - the Cemerno mountain pass. Cemerno is a unique, picturesque area, which got its name from the cruelty of life in the harsh winters of these areas. It is gloomily described even in the famous folk tales collected by Vuk Karadzic, so it is mentioned, for example, in the famous short story "Medjedovic".

Another interesting thing about Cemerno is that it is the watershed of two great seas in our region: the Adriatic and the Black Sea. So, when it rains on the gloom, on some houses, the rainwater on one side of the roof flows into the Black Sea and on the other side of the roof of the same house - the water flows into the Adriatic Sea. Here, the winds from the Adriatic collide with the winds of Durmitor and Maglic... And all this makes this area rich in healthy food, incredibly clean air, ice springs, medicinal herbs, but also healing stories thousands of years old...

E-Bike: Magical Zelengora

Time Schedule for This Offer

Magic Zelengora OPTION A / Light cycling / around 45 km

It starts from Cemerno, where you are brought by our off-road vehicle, which is also a support vehicle during the tour. From Cemerno the tour goes along an off-road path next to the source of the Neretva all the way to Orlovačko Lake, where we will take a break and have lunch. The length of the trail is about 27 km in one direction to Orlovačko Lake. During the tour, we will also visit South Lake. You will be accompanied by our off-road support vehicle at all times so that if someone gets tired, they can continue with our off-road vehicle at any time. You will go on tour with our electrically assisted E-bikes full suspension or hardtail type and accompanied by our professional guide.

The tour lasts the whole day. The price of the tour with lunch on Orlovacko Lake is 90Є per person for at least 2 people.
The price of the support vehicle is 130Є, and the vehicle can optimally transport up to 8 people.

Example of the price of the tour: 4 people pay 4x90Є plus 130Є for the vehicle, which is a total of 490Є for 4 people (122,50Є per person). This price includes transfer from our Rafting Center Drina-Tara to Cemerno as a starting point, off-road tracking during the tour, lunch on the lake, return to Cemerno, and then back to our Rafting Center Drina Tara, a guide during the tour, and all the taxes. The same price of the support vehicle applies to the case of picking up guests at Tjentiste or Foca.

Magic Zelengora OPTION B / Medium cycling / around 55 km

For those more physically advanced we offer something more challenging, a ride across the whole Zelengora mountain, from Cemerno all the way to the village of Borija on the north side of the mountain. Along the way, we visit Orlovacko Lake, where we will take a lunch break, and then Jugovo Lake. The total length of the trail is about 50 km and you cross the entire mountain Zelengora with all its indescribable beauty. The price of this tour is 95Є per person for at least 2 people and the price of a support vehicle is 150Є.

Our Rafting Center Drina-Tara provides the necessary equipment (E-bike and helmet).

Tour duration:

Departure from the Rafting center Drina-Tara by 09 am.
Return to our Rafting Center Drina-Tara around 8 pm.

Departure from Tjentiste around 10 am. Return to Tjentište around 7 p.m.

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Organic Food - Menu for This Offer

Lunch day 1:

On the spot, in nature, you will be served a traditional meal prepared with organic ingredients.

Remark for the menu:

Please order vegetarian food, or food which excludes certain ingrediants before or at the beginning of the package.


The minimum participants' number is 2, or you can join the already existing group.
The minimum participants' age is 8.
Previous experience is not necessary.
Prices are in euros, per person. .
All the packages can be prolonged, combined, etc. on demand.
We pay special attention to maximum security and comfort for our guests.
We reserve the right to assess whether a person has a minimum of physical fitness for activities.

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E-Bike: Magical ZelengoraE-Bike: Magical Zelengora