NEW ARRANGEMENT from the 2024 season! One-day safari and hiking trip at the top of the Tara Canyon! We are launching a completely new arrangement where you will have the opportunity to explore the entire Tara Canyon from a new perspective. Along with visits to the most beautiful viewpoints in this region (at the top of the Tara Canyon), this arrangement also includes a tour of the horse stud farm, where you can ride horses, try Zip-Line, or experience Via Ferrata above the Tara Canyon.

Photo Jeep Safari in Tara Canyon and Horseback riding in the Tara Canyon

Time Schedule for This Offer

Outdoor tour, photo safari + hiking

We depart from our Rafting Center Drina-Tara at 10 in the morning.

Departure with our jeeps towards Tara Canyon, in the direction of Meštrevac, Ljubišnja, and Vranovina mountains. The journey itself is a special attraction, as we pass through incredible landscapes and unique sceneries. After a 20 km drive, we reach the village of Velenići and the hamlet of Podgrad, located at about 1000 meters above sea level, where the Arabian horse stud farm is situated.

Here, we have two options for the continuation of the day depending on weather conditions for driving to Meštrevac and the canyon plateau, the group's wishes, and agreement with us.

Option 1:

The first option is a walk along the edge of the canyon, directly from the stud farm to the ruins of a medieval town, as well as the ruins of a medieval church, offering a panoramic view of Mount Maglić, Tara Canyon, and all the way to Zelengora. Afterwards, we have free time at the stud farm where optionally we can choose zip-lining with via ferrata or horseback riding. At the stud farm, we spend time enjoying the beautiful view, and lunch is planned from 14:00 onwards. In this first option, we stay at the stud farm until 16:00, after which we return to our Rafting Center Drina-Tara. The first option of the excursion is what we plan according to our established practice because, in this option, guests have enough time for the mentioned optional activities.

Here, you can optionally choose horseback riding or one of the biggest attractions in the canyon, which is zip-lining and Via Ferrata, stretched on the very edge of the canyon over 800 meters above the river! Only for the brave! Just kidding, of course, but you will see for yourself the magnificence of the view and experience the greatest adrenaline rush of your life!

Optional outdoor activities:

  • Horse riding at the horse stud, arranged on-site (1 hour from €20).
  • Zip-Line above the Tara Canyon.
  • Via Ferrata in the Tara River Canyon.

Via Ferrata & Zip-Line: 35€

Zip-line: 400 meters in length, 600m above the Tara Canyon.
Via Ferrata: rope bridge, 150 meters along the canyon's edge.

We spend 2 to 3 hours at the horse stud farm, enjoying nature or optional horseback riding.

rafting tara, ergela konja u kanjonu tare
Horseback riding in the Tara Canyon
rafting tara, via feratta
Via Ferrata in the Tara Canyon


Option 2:

In option 2, it is not possible to fit in zip-lining or horseback riding due to time constraints. Option 2 is to continue the drive for another eight kilometers towards the peaks of the canyon, to the village of Dulin Brijeg, and reach the sharp right edge of Tara Canyon. The drive to the top of the canyon takes another half an hour approximately. Along the way to the top of the canyon, we make a stop at a rich spring of drinking water called Vrela. At Vrela, there used to be about twenty mills-watermills where the villagers from the Tara Canyon used to grind grains.

In the village of Dulin Brijeg, we leave the vehicles and start hiking towards the viewpoints that will take your breath away! The area is located at about 1500 meters above sea level, and the canyon sharply cuts through, forming the deepest part of the Tara River course.

We enter the coniferous forest. Through a fairytale-like path, we reach the first viewpoint called Pogledine, located at 1400 meters above sea level, from where all the villages in the canyon can be seen. We stay at Pogledine for about 20 minutes, then continue walking along the edge of the canyon to the viewpoint Pejovine, offering a panoramic view of the largest part of Tara Canyon! At this point, you will feel and understand why Tara Canyon (tears of Europe) is the largest in Europe and the most beautiful in the world! From Pejovine, you can see the entire massif of Durmitor and the highest peak in Montenegro - Bobotov Kuk at 2523 meters above sea level, Maglić - the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina reaching 2386 meters above sea level, as well as the massif of Bioča. On the other side, you can see the grandiose canyon of Sušica and Little Montenegro, and the view extends all the way to Soko Grad where Tara and Piva rivers meet and form the Drina River. Soko Grad was the summer residence of the Serbian medieval ruler Duke Šćepan Kosača, who carried the title "Duke of Saint Sava," after whom the whole area was named Herzegovina. Beneath Sokolom, the monastery of Zagrađe, the endowment of Herzeg, still lives today.

They say that the best cream or "skorup" in the world is made in these places, smoked cheese, and much more that we will try during the trip.

The entire walk to the viewpoints and back to the vehicles takes approximately 2 hours, and the trail is very pleasant, easy, and suitable for almost everyone. Even children aged 5-6 have no problem mastering this route.

We return to the hamlet of Podgrad with the vehicles, then arrive at the stud farm and rural estate located on the very edge of the canyon. There, in an incredible ambiance, on a terrace overlooking the canyon that evokes awe, lunch awaits us with traditional specialties prepared on the spot.

The return to our 'Rafting Center Drina-Tara' in this option is planned around 19:00.

Organic Food - Menu for This Offer

Lunch day 1:

Snack during hiking will be in form of rich lunch packages with homemade food.


The minimum number of participants for this package's realization is 7, or you can join the already existing group.
The minimum participants' age is 8.
Previous experience is not necessary.
Payment at the campsite is in cash.
Prices are in euros, per person. .
All the packages can be prolonged, combined, etc. on demand.
Drina-Tara Rafting AC pays special attention to maximum security and comfort for our guests.

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Safari on the Tara CanyonSafari on the Tara Canyon