Seven days of active vacation that you will remember for a lifetime! Tara rafting, hiking, Quad riding, hiking + jeep photo safari, 4x4 safari, two National Parks - Sutjeska and Durmitor, 3 highest mountains in the region, 17 traditional meals, the best part of the Tara river, glacial Trnovačko lake, the largest primeval forest in Europe - Perućica, 2 grandiose canyons...

Experience and experience a fantastic seven days of vacation in unique nature! We have designed this rich package of active holidays as the first choice from our rich offer of activities. In this arrangement, we have deliberately omitted canyoning, for the reason that this activity usually becomes possible only in June, while in the spring months it is unfeasible due to the high water level.

Tara rafting - 7 days active holiday

Time Schedule for This Offer


We are welcoming our guests until 7 p.m. (non-binding), in our Rafting Center Drina-Tara, situated at the riverbank, 18 km from Foca. After accommodation in bungalows, our guests have free afternoon and evening. Our rafting center has nice grounds for volleyball and football and a path with benches by the river. The whole complex is on the riverbank, with the restaurant and terraces above the river.

Dinner starts at 8 p.m. For dinner, you will have the opportunity to try different specialties typical for this area, made on the spot from fresh organic ingredients from the area around the Tara Canyon. In the evening we organize parties in our restaurant by the campfire and music to your wish.

DAY TWO - Tara rafting

Breakfast is served until 10 a.m. and it includes local specialties which you cannot try anywhere else! Homemade dried ham, hot doughnuts with cheese cream, and bread made under a metal pan are just the beginning of our offer. After breakfast, the guests choose rafting equipment -safety vests, helmets, neoprene suits (long johns), neoprene shoes, and anoraks. Transport with our jeeps to Brstanovica-the start of rafting.

Before the beginning, our skippers (river guides) will inform the guests about the techniques of rowing, sitting, and behaving in the boat, acting in different situations - a short course of rafting! In the first few hours, we pass through the most attractive part of the canyon and the Tara River. We stop at the waterfalls, and wild springs, stop for photoshoots, and swim. We make a break on the most beautiful spot in the Tara canyon - on Sipcanica waterfall.

After 25km of adrenaline and breathtaking nature, we arrive by boat at our Rafting Center Drina-Tara, under the restaurant terrace situated above the river. There we have hot showers and we are ready for lunch. It consists of local specialties all over again; for starters hot veal soup, lamb, kid, and veal with delicious vegetables made under metal pans, salads, homemade pies, hot barley bread, and many other specialties which we won’t tell you about until you get there. After lunch –free time for rest, walking, swimming, or recreation.

Dinner starts at 8 p.m. After a heavy lunch of mountain meat, for dinner, we have grilled brown trout, baked potatoes, cream cheese, polenta, cheese pie, spinach pie, meat pie made under a metal pan, yogurt, etc. In our restaurant, you can drink exquisite local red wine from the royal vineyards of Trebinje, local wild pear brandy, and all the other drinks, juices, and beer.

DAY THREE - ATV Quad ride

ATV Quads, adrenaline, photo safari

Breakfast until 09 a.m. with local specialties which you cannot try anywhere else! Homemade dried ham, hot doughnuts with cheese cream, and bread made under metal pans are just the beginning of our offer.

Start the tour with our ATV Quad vehicles, guided by our guides, towards the right edge of the highest part of the largest and deepest canyon in Europe – TARA CANYON. Attractive ride with our Quads in the direction of Mestrevac, the mountain Ljubisnja, and Vranovina, which is a course of the sharp edge of the Tara Canyon. We drive through unique places and villages, unforgettable and special in their beauty! The Quads ride lasts 2-3 hours, up to the highest cliffs of the Tara River canyon - with breaks on the viewing points, and mountain springs for refreshment... We arrived at a small village cheese farm located on the very edge of the canyon in a village named Zlatni Bor (Golden Pinetree). In the canyon, we spend hours in the attractive driving of our powerful and large Quads and walking, and we visit the breath-taking viewpoints … Lunch will be served on the rim of the canyon - on the spot in nature where we prepare lunch from the traditional ingredients of this region.

During the ATV Quad ride, we conquer 1000m altitude while driving only 3 or 4 km. 

The area is located at an altitude above 1500 meters, while the Tara Canyon cuts it sharply so you can view the largest and deepest part of the canyon. From this place, there is a view of the Susica canyon, the entire National Park Durmitor, and almost all over Montenegro to Komovi on one side and the other across the entire old Herzegovina to Treskavica! Looking at the third side, you can see Maglic, Mountain Pivska, Zelengora, Volujak, Vucevo, and almost the entire National Park Sutjeska. At Zlatni Bor we will visit the viewpoints from where you can see Scepan Polje, the place where Tara and Piva meet, and the Drina is formed. You can also see the city of Soko, the summer residence of the Serbian medieval ruler Hercog Scepan Kosaca who was named "Hercog of Saint Sava", for whom the whole area was named Herzegovina, and right next to Sokol, the Hercegovska Zaklada monastery Zagrađe is visible. From this place, you can see the whole most attractive part of the Tara for rafting, which you will raft on the next day.

In these places, they say they made the best ‘kajmak’ or ‘skorup’ (young cheese) in the world, smoked cheese, and much more that we will try during our stay at the Rafting Center Drina Tara!

Return to our Rafting Centar Drina-Tara around 5 p.m.
Dinner - traditional specialties. Evening by to fireplace and with music in our restaurant - terrace on the bank of the river.

DAY FOUR - photo safari & hiking

Touring, photo safari + hiking

Breakfast until 9 a.m. A one-hour ride with our jeeps to “Sutjeska” National Park (Zelengora, Perucica prime forest) where we get to a high overlook, giving you a fantastic panorama as you have never seen before. 11 a.m. Continuing our mountain drive.

  • Tour the prime forest, the only one in Europe, with a magnificent view of the Skakavac waterfall with a height of 81 meters,
  • Ride in jeeps to mountain crease Prijevor from where you can have a magnificent view of most of “Sutjeska” National Park, the highest peak in BiH Maglic, etc.,
  • Next, on Prijevor, we tour the mountain "katun"s,
  • Continue climbing from Prijevora to fantastic glacier lakes, under Maglic. A snack break is on Trnovacko Lake. Count on about 4 hours of hiking-trekking in both directions,
  • Return to vehicles up to 6 p.m.,
  • Return to Bastasi in our Rafting Center Drina-Tara until 7.30 p.m.
  • Dinner in our restaurant.

DAY FIVE - Zelengora ring

Safari Tour, photo safari + hiking

Breakfast until 10 a.m. with local specialties which you cannot try anywhere else! Homemade dried ham, hot doughnuts with cheese cream, and bread made under metal pans are just the beginning of our offer.

Start the tour in our 4x4 vehicles with our guides, toward Sutjeska National Park and the beautiful mountain Zelengora (Green Mountain). With 4x4 vehicles, we will make a full circle of the most beautiful parts of mountain Zelengora with numerous karst lakes, in this region known as the "mountain eyes".

Further, we will drive to Pasna Poljana and then continue along the forest paths, visit the ancient necropolises of the stalks, stop at the best sightseeing, refresh on the ice mountain springs... We will arrive at Orlovac Lake, where we will have lunch that we prepare on the spot using traditional products. From Orlovac Lake we will hike to the top of Zelengora, Bregoc (2014m). There is a possibility that the guests do not go uphill, but spend time on the lake.

From the top of Zelegora Mountain, you can see the whole of Herzegovina to the Adriatic Sea, and on the other side, you can see the mountains in Bosnia and Montenegro. The landscapes on Zelengora are unreal and so beautiful that they "hurt their eyes", visitors say. On Zelengora, the famous music videos were shot as a part of Emir Kusturica's film "On the Milky Way", starring Monica Bellucci.

It is not uncommon to see Zelengora's various wildlife with which NP Sutjeska is full - herds of wild goats, deer, wolves, and sometimes bears too. From Orlovac Lake we go back to the camp on a different route through the mountain pass Cemerno and through Tjentiste which forms a full circle of the visit to Zelengora Mountain.

Return to our Rafting Center "Drina-Tara" around 7-8 p.m.

Dinner in the restaurant in our camp.

NEW: Zelengosrki ring on horses!

Instead of walking, you can also spend the Zelengorski ring on horses. If you decide to ride a horse on Zelengora and tour the Zelengo lakes on horses, it is necessary to have a minimum of 2 but also a maximum of 6 participants and additionally pay 35 € per person!

DAY SIX - Durmitor ring

Breakfast until 09h. Departure with our 4x4 vehicles towards Durmitor National Park.

Entrance to the Tara Canyon on the left bank of the river. Driving along the picturesque edge of the canyon, entering the Sušica Canyon, and descending to Sušica Lake. Climb to the Tara canyon near the village of "Small Montenegro" and arrive on the plateau of Zabljak. A tour of the lookouts over the deepest part of the Tara Canyon. Drive over the mountain pass Sedlo and have a traditional lunch on Durmitor. Descent from Sedlo, next to Prutaša on Trsu. From Trsa we descend by serpentines to Piva Lake and along the way, we have a fantastic view of the lake. A tour of the Piva canyon and Cicmil's bridge, as well as crossing the dam on Piva Lake, which was the largest in the world at the time of construction, with a lake depth of 211 meters. Optionally, we can also visit the Zip Line over Piva Lake. Also, we can optionally visit the Zagrađe Monastery, the endowment of Herceg Šćepan.

Return through the Piva canyon to our Rafting Center Drina-Tara around 7 pm.
Dinner. Evening by the fire, music.


The breakfast. Zip Line across the canyon in the length of about 1000m. Completion of the arrangement.

The minimum for the realization of this arrangement is 2 people. It is possible to change the order of activities depending on the organization of other participants.

Due to the length of the arrangement, we recommend the Lux bungalow with a bathroom.

The price includes 6 nights in our Rafting Center Drina-Tara, on the river bank, 17 fantastic traditional meals, all taxes, insurance, guide services, drivers, 4x4 vehicles, rafting equipment, and professional rafting tours, tickets for national parks Durmitor and Sutjeska.

The price does not include the consumption of beverages, possibly additional, optional activities, etc.

Prices until April 26:
Term / AccommodationStandardDeluxe
and weekends

Prices are per person, in euros (€).
For double (2-beds) Deluxe accommodation the price is 10 € higher, per person.

Prices from April 26:
Term / AccommodationStandardDeluxe
and weekends

Prices are per person, in euros (€).
For double (2-beds) Deluxe accommodation the price is 10 € higher, per person.

Standard - bungalows with shared toilets and shower cabins.
Deluxe - bungalows with a bathroom inside the bungalow.

Check the current discounts and promotions for the 2024 season.

Organic Food - Menu for This Offer

Dinner day 1:

OPTION 1: Brown trout and grayling, pura with cream cheese, cheese pie, spinach pie and meat pie made under metal pan.

Breakfast day 2:

Homemade dried ham,prosciutto, bacon,pork scratchings and dried susage. Hot doughnuts, hot muffins, homemade cheese, cream cheese made in wooden vats. Eggs and omelette with extras on demand. Tea, yoghurt. Sweet, honey, jam, chocolate cream.

Lunch day 2:

OPTION 1: Veal soup, barley bread made under metal pan, salad. Lamb, kid, or veal made under metal pan with potatoes and peppers, spiced with rosemary. Homemade pies made under the metal pan, For desert baklava, ruzice and tulumbe.
OPTION 2: Veal or lamb soup, barley bread made under metal pan, salad, meat roll with homemade smoked ham, steak in boletus(porcini) sauce, moussaka. For desert-ruzice, baklava.
Hiking snacks will be in form of rich lunch packages.

Remark for the menu:

Please order vegetarian food, or food which excludes certain ingrediants before or at the beginning of the package.


The minimum participants' number is 2, or you can join the already existing group.
The minimum recommended age of participants is 8-12 years. (estimation in relation to water level).
No previous experience is required.
For reasons of organization, we can change the order of activities by day. .
Prices are in euros, per person.
Payment at the campsite is in cash.
We pay special attention to maximum safety and comfort for guests.
Due to crowds on Saturdays' rafting, the start on that day can be at 8 a.m., 2.30 p.m.
We reserve the right to assess the readiness of participants.

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