This year we are celebrating an important anniversary- 22 years of our rafting center Drina Tara. Year after year we have been trying to improve and meet our guests’ needs who reward us by traditionally coming back and being our real friends.. We will keep on doing that! We can proudly say that we are the first officially registered rafting club in the region and by far the biggest rafting center and outdoor activities object in Europe.

Besides rafting, we organize many other outdoor activities that complete our guests’ stay and make it more beautiful. We organize hiking trips, jeep safari, canyoning in two canyons, atv quad rides and one-day excursions.


A one-day rafting down the Tara and Drina, with total length of about 25 km, is one of our most exciting offers. We leave the camp by our SUVs and, after crossing the Montenegro border, we arrive to Brstanovica- starting position of our rafting adventure. It is necessary to say that our skippers will hold a short but useful briefing about the behavior onboard, before getting onto big rubber boats. This adventure of paddling through exotic and magnificent rapids of the tara river takes about three hours, with a short break in the canyon. This rafting tour is also called adrenaline tour due to many waterfalls and cascades through which we will pass on our way to the camp.
rafting tara
From 2020 the whole rafting experience starts down the new route entirely through the territory of Republic of Srpska, without crossing the Montenegro border, which make rafting easier and simpler.
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Recently this has been one of the most wanted arrangements of our complete offer. In the Sutjeska National park there are many hiking paths, each different and interesting in its own way, with one thing in common-they all go through preserved natural beauty, unique in Europe.
The most wanted and most challenging are hiking Prijevor-suva jezerina-Trnovacko lake on Maglic and Vrbnica-Pasana poljana-Videz-Crno lake- Bijelo lake- Ljubin grob on Zelengora. The hiking route Prijevor-Trnovacko lake of 5,5km takes about two hours in one way and it is a treat for all mountain lovers. In summer the hikers pick herbs in the area and have a swim in Trnovacko lake.
rafting tara hiking
Twice as long hiking route is Vrbnica-Videz-Crno and Bijelo lake-Ljubin grob on Zelengora mountain. The mountaineers say that this is the most beautiful hiking path on Balkans because it goes through soft and grassy pastures of the beautiful Zelengora mountain. There are several nice viewpoints here. In summer you can pick herbs here as well as wild blueberries and raspberries.
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Tjentiste-Dragos sedlo-next to Perucica primeval forest-Prijevor route, of about 19km, makes for an unforgettable jeep safari, starting in May, depending on snowfall. Here you will climb from 550m above sea level to almost 1700 m on Prijevor at the foothill of Maglic. During this safari adventure our guides take our guests two viewpoints in the heart of Perucica primeval forest with a fantastic view on the 80m high Skakavac waterfall and the surrounding peaks of Volujak, Zelengora, Vucevo and Maglic. At Prijevor there are two traditional cattleman’s houses where they spend time in summer with their cattle.
rafting tara jeep safari



Without doubt, the most challenging and the most demanding offer! Canyoning in the canyon of a little river named Hrcavka, which flows into the Sutjska, blends several disciplines-hiking, diving and swimming in cold water, alpinism with ropes, etc. Canyoning is done in summer and excitement and adrenaline rush are guaranteed!
rafting tara canyoning



One-day excursions in our quads are usually done in one of two destinations. The first one is through the new road down the right bank of the Tara, of about 20km. With these vehicles you will enter the most beautiful European canyon enjoying the magic of nature-springs and streams which flow into the Tara from rough rocks.

You can go to a longer tour by our quads-to the mountain of Zelengora. You will got through Cemerno, to Orlovacko lake-a real gem among 8 glacier lakes on Zelengora.
rafting tara atv quads
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We organize daily excursions to three destinations in proximity of our rafting center: a visit to Royal vineyards in Herzegovina, an excursion to Andricgrad or to Sarajevo. With these excursions our guests can complete their stay with us and enhance it with rich historical and cultural stories from the region.