On its 145-kilometer-long flow from Komovi, Tara made an almost 100-kilometer long and 1.3-kilometer deep canyon. The Tara canyon is the second deepest in the world, just after the famous Colorado canyon in the USA, but certainly, it is the most beautiful canyon in the world. Because of its pure drinkable water, opulent vegetation, and wildlife, with a great number of endemic species, the Tara canyon is under the protection of UNESCO.


Tara river, "the tear of Europe" on a rafting scale, takes place at 3-5 and is among the most attractive rivers on the planet. It is a true paradise for all adventurers. It is a truly delightful and active vacation that offers you the enjoyment of the magnificence of rapids, clearings, watermills, old churches, and monasteries and bridges. There are breathtaking natural phenomena that you will see in Tara canyon.

Tara River is navigable for boat rafts for almost 100 kilometers. Tara Canyon can be divided into two parts-the upper part of the canyon and the lower part of the canyon. There are two starting points for raft boats, kayaks, canoes, hydrospeed - and other vessels. In the upper part of the canyon the starting point is Splaviste, nearby Djurdjevica Tare and from there begin rafting tours which run through the entire Tara canyon. Tours through the entire canyon last for at least two days and during the night we stay in port Radovan camp in National Park Durmitor. When departure from Djurdjevica Tare all rafting participants must pay tax, input, and insurance to a total of approximately 60 Euros per person. Radovan overnight stay at the port is about 50 Euros per person, so the cost-tour through the entire canyon is much bigger than the tour prices in the lower part of the canyon. In the upper part, the deepest part of the canyon is near the camp Radovan port.

unesco world heritage

The starting point of a lower part of a canyon is Brstanovica and it is also the most common point because that is the most attractive part for tourists as well as for the sportiest. This section is about 25 kilometers long and ends in our rafting center. Precisely on this section, World Rafting Championship took place: WORLD RAFTING CHAMPS 2009. On this part of the river, Tara is virtually all rapids so this tour is often called " the adrenaline tour". Rafting in the bottom of the canyon can be extended even twenty kilometers from the rafting center to Foca. Accommodation during the tour in the bottom of the canyon and N. Park Sutjeska is at all times in the bungalow camp of our Rafting Center Drina-Tara.

When is Tara the best for rafting?

The difficulty level of so-called water rafting on the scale for Tara is moving from third to the fifth level, during the annual periods, the water level is different… which means that the rafting tours never go without professional skippers (river guides) and complete equipment for safety rafting. The rafting season on Tara takes over the whole year. The difficulty level increases at the beginning of the year reaching its maximum usually in March and April when is also the largest water level and then proportionately with water level falls by the end of the summer. The most often question is WHEN IS THE MOST ATTRACTIVE PERIOD FOR TARA RAFTING? The answer to this question is ALWAYS! Maximum of adrenaline is in April, May, and June, but with decreasing water levels in July, August, and September some of the rapids are disappearing, but new and equally attractive rapids appear which you could not see during the high water level period so that means that Tara always offers something new and we often say that you can never flow on this same river twice.

The most beautiful places in the Tara canyon

When it comes to the Tara Canyon, it’s hard to describe its beauty that you simply need to keep experiencing ( not just experience), because every time you pass through it, the experience will be different! It is a unique nature reserve, breathing like a huge living being that captivates with its wilderness and beauty, and changes day by day. Still, there are some recognizable things in the Tara Canyon that are breathtaking and we want to tell you more about them.

The Tara Canyon can be divided into two parts, the upper and lower part of the canyon:

The upper part of the Tara canyon - from Splaviste to Brstanovica

The upper part of the canyon comprises the area from Splavište, about 4 km upstream from the famous bridge on Djurdjevica Tara, built by the Karadjordjevic family after the First World War, all the way to Brstanovica, which is the starting point for the lower part of the canyon. In the upper part of the canyon, in addition to the famous bridge, at 172m above the river Tara, there is also the beautiful river Ljutica, the shortest river in Europe with only 130m in length ( also called the White River because it sparkles from its source in a rock to the Tara which it flows into after only a hundred meters).

The next beautiful place and one of the two most beautiful in the Tara canyon are Bailovica sige. Bailovica sige is a truly fabulous place where at about 50 meters above the Tara river we find a cave with a lake that springs from the rock. The water from the pond flows out and under the natural stone slabs as if through some natural aqueduct, and then down a multitude of waterfalls down the tufas into the Tara.

The lower part of the Tara Canyon - Manita vrela, Sipcanica - is the most attractive part for rafting

The lower part of the Tara canyon is the most popular part of the canyon and more than 90% of tourist rafting tours are right there. This is mostly because this part is undoubtedly the most attractive for rafting (almost all the rapids on the Tara are concentrated in the lower part).

The lower part of the canyon is also rich in wild springs, especially at the beginning of the season - many large, white waterfalls that fall directly into Tara. The most famous waterfall that is there only at the beginning of the season is Manita vrela, under which it is possible to take a boat and thus "shower" the entire crew. :)

However, the most beautiful place in the Tara canyon is the famous river Sipcanica, which flows into the Tara on the right side of the canyon and is considered to be officially the most beautiful place in the canyon. Sipcanica springs on the plateau of the Tara canyon near Zlatni bor and cuts a small, sharp canyon to the Tara river.

Sipcanica flows to Tara flows in dozens of small waterfalls with natural pools below them, which many of you will recognize in their rafting photos. In our Rafting Center Drina-Tara, there is a mandatory break on Sipcanica, for walking and photography and swimming under the Šipčanica cold waterfalls. At the place where Sipcanica flows into the Tara, there is a natural sandy beach, where we dock our boats, and then go to the forest about 60-70m above the river, to the Sipcanica waterfall, where we take photos, drink icy cold water and some of the bravest even bathe.
Sipcanica waterfall, where we take photos, rafting centar drina-tara

For those who like hiking, we even organize hiking along the Sipcanica canyon, to the cheese farm on Zlatni bor.

During rafting with well-equipped rafting boats and licensed and experienced skippers you can rest, go swimming and fishing, or just enjoy in tasteful food of our region.

What we offer besides rafting

Besides rafting on Drina and Tara, we offer you facultative excursions in Sutjeska National Park which has so many scenic sites. Among others, glacier lakes: Orlovacko Lake, Bijelo and Crno Jezero, Gornje and Donje Bare, mountain Maglic (the highest mountain in Bosnia ad Herzegovina 2848 m), Volujak and Zelengora. There is also jungle Perućica, a unique natural reservation in Europe with its magnificent waterfall Skakavac (over 80 meters high). Drina, Tara, Sutjeska, and other small rivers have plenty of fish-nasturtium and Californian trout, etc. Fish is, in addition to local specialties of this region (grilled lamb, ham, and cream homemade pies, etc.) on our menu during Tara rafting.

All our arrangements are all-inclusive during the whole vacation; accommodation is in the beautiful surroundings of our Rafting Center Drina-Tara. Our rafting center and camp are in the place called Bastasi, in Tara Canyon, on the shore 18 kilometers far from Foca and on the main route to Niksic and Podgorica. Bungalows are very comfortable and tidy, built-in mountain style as well as the entire complex.

Air temperature in the canyon Tare in the summer reaches over thirty degrees Celsius during the day, while during the night it is always cozily fresh, and often during summer temperature goes down as far as below 15 degrees Celsius. The water temperature ranges from 7-8 to a maximum of 11-12 degrees Celsius in the summer months.
Tara River in the last thirty kilometers of its border seems to flow between the Republic of Srpska (BiH) and Montenegro. It is mandatory to have your ID card or passport.