One-day arrangement, usually combined with other arrangements from our offer. Nevidio canyon is located at 50km from our rafting center, but ride to the canyon lasts from 2.5 to 3 hours. Nevidio canyon is quite popular for commercial canyoning and has a large attendance. It was conquered in 1965.
Tourist taxes, national park taxes, insurance, free parking, transfers during the arrangement and similar fees are included in the price.

Time Schedule for This Offer

Canyoning in this canyon requires normal physical fitness.

Breakfast until 8 a.m.
Departing in our off-road vehicles in the direction of Nevidio canyon. Upon arriving at the starting point we put on full equipment for canyoning and after a briefing we enter the canyon.
Walking through the canyon takes about 3-4 hours, depending on the number of participants as well as their physical fitness. In the canyon we overcome obstacles, jumping down numerous natural waterfalls and many other attractions. Planned breaks for taking photos. Upon exiting the canyon - return to the vehicle. Changing into dry clothes. After canyoning we have dinner waiting for us at a national restaurant near the canyon.
Return to Rafting Centar Drina-Tara.
End of arrangement.

The price of the arrangement is 95€ per person.
All the transfers, tourist taxes, insurance and meals are included in the price.
Drinks are not included in the price.

Organic Food - Menu for This Offer

Breakfast day 1:

Homemade dried ham,prosciutto bacon,pork scratchings and dried susage. Hot doughnuts, hot muffins, homemade cheese, cream cheese made in wooden vats. Eggs and omelette with extras on demand. Tea, yoghurt. Sweet, honey, jam, chocolate cream.

Lunch day 1:

A la carte menu in a local traditional restaurant.

Remark for the menu:

Please order vegetarian food, or food which excludes certain ingrediants before or at the beginning of the package.


Minimum number of participants for this package's realization is 2, or you can join the already existing group.
Minimum participants' age is 15.
Previous experience is not necessary.
Prices are in euros, per person. .
All the packages can be prolonged, combined, etc. on demand.
Drina-Tara Rafting AC pays special attention to maximum security and comfort for our guests.
We reserve the right to assess whether a person has a minimum of physical fitness for canyonin

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