E-bike tours

Nature tours on E-bike electric bikes!

NEW: E-bike mountain tours

All-day rides in nature by e-bike bikes! New in our region - a unique experience!

Our guests are already used to us constantly delighting them with new ideas and setting standards when it comes to active holidays and recreation. Starting with this season we offer E-bike mountain tours!

We have been organizing rafting tours for almost a quarter of a century, as well as hiking, 4x4 Jeep photo safari tours, etc ... Then, after a decade of experience in these outdoor activities, we decided to offer our guests canyoning! Our guides from our Rafting Center Drina-Tara were the first to mark some canyons in the area. But we did not stop there, we are already the first in our region to acquire a fleet of ATV quads and for years we have been offering our guests unique ATV quad tours, making real expeditions through the Tara canyon, Zelengora mountain, Durmitor, etc. Starting with this year we will be the first in the region to organize E-bike mountain tours!

E-bike tours - completely nature friendly, with no trace left in nature

Recently, a new trend has emerged in the world, and especially in Europe, bringing nature even closer to true lovers and those who do not want to leave any trace in nature but preserve it as much as possible. And yet they want to see as much as possible without spending too much time and also not giving up comfort and enjoyment. This new trend includes outdoor tours on E-bike electric bikes. These are vehicles that do not pollute nature, exhaust fumes, or even noise - vehicles that are completely nature-friendly. This is the best way to get to know nature, to feel how nature works without disturbing its rhythm for a moment, and at the same time to cross really great distances in one day and enjoy all the charms of the national parks.

E-bike - the latest models of mountain electric bikes

There are several types of electric bicycles, E-bike, and we have, of course, decided on the best, so from now on you can enjoy organized tours by electric bicycles of the latest generation, the world's most famous manufacturers such as CUBE, LEVO, WHISTLE, KTM, ATALA, SCOTT, TRACK, etc. All e-bikes are with 4th generation engines, sizes from s to xl, and with top off-road capabilities that are currently the best in the world. We have full-suspension and hardtail E-bike models. E-bike tours will allow you to visit incomparably more than it is possible to do on foot, so we will offer tours to the Tara canyon, Durmitor, Maglic, Zelengora, climbs to mountain peaks, and everything that was unthinkable until recently. With the help of e-bike electric bikes, even users who are in average physical shape will now be able to make serious outdoor trips, as long as tens of kilometers a day!

We expect to see you on - E-Bike - electric bikes!

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