Climbing mountain Maglic, the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Necessary - good form and adequate equipment, footwear and clothing.

climbing mountain maglic

Mountaineers, alpinists, nature lovers, each in their own way, talk about Maglic mountain as the crown of their pleasure and adventure, Many admit that, in terms of beauty and challenge, it has no equal in Southeast Europe.

Ascending the 2386 meters of that Balkan giant, the highest peak of Republika Srpska and BiH, usually starts from Prijevor, a plateau at the foot of the mountain. This transversal is the most difficult as it has alpine sections, where you need to use a steel cable. Although it is only a kilometer and a half long, you need about two hours of hiking the trail through green juniper and makinja, with sipar and raw stone, provided that you are in good form and with adequate equipment. This is especially true for those with not a lot of mountaineering experience, who believe they can climb in plain sneakers, shorts and a t-shirt, which would be a real madness.

mountain Maglic, rafting centar drina-tara, prijevorFoto: Radojica Cosovic

On the Prijevor plateau, at a height of 1664 meters, we leave the vehicle, and it is the last chance to get water from a real, living, mountain spring, preferably two or three thermoses and then -we hit the road! A narrow, mountain, one-foot trail, just about to hit you in the forehead, meanders like a snake through the last beech forest community, just above three stone huts, owned by the Sutjeska National Park. There is also the abandoned katun of Zoran Budalić, and the katun of Banja Bjeletić, from Herzegovina, where, in case of emergency, you can spend the night. The ascent shoots to the sky with its bare fields, next to sinkholes whith snow even in summer, and with sipar, disappearing before the vertical rocks touching the clouds. There, in a sharp rock, are fixed anchors and a steel cable that serves as a guide over the abyss. True, the cable is still torn in a few places, but carefully, with your hands and feet, you find support and a safe climbing, which is rewarded at the very top. Here, at 2386 meters above sea level, on a sunny day bathed in the beauty of infinity, you can see the Volujak and Bioč mountains in the east, the Perućica primeval forest, Zelengora and Durmitor itself, when visibility is good. From the top of Maglić, the view stops at Trnovačko Lake, which you can reach if you go from the top of Maglić from west to east, over Carev dol.

Apart from this trail, climbing Maglić is possible from two other sides - from Lokva Derneciste, over the Postar pass on Vucevo, where you also have a steel cable for help and from Trnovačko Lake. You can also reach this mountain eye, trapped in the mountain at 1520 meters, from Prijevor, on foot, in the length of six kilometers, and from Lake Trnovacko the ascent to Maglić takes about two hours.

Mountain Maglic - 2386 meters meters above sea level

mountain Maglic, rafting centar drina-tara

It is important to emphasize that climb to Maglic is the most beautiful in June and later. But always, keep in mind the meteorological weather forecast, good form and adequate equipment, footwear and clothing. And, of course, an experienced guide. Be healthy and with Maglić, be safe!!

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