Active vacation for the whole family: can children also go rafting on the Tara river?

Going rafting on the Tara river is the best idea for an active vacation with children!

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Rafting is a recreational and competitive sport that attracts people all over the world and has a growing base of those who engage in it. However, it is much more than that. Going rafting on the Tara and Drina represents a special experience in nature that more and more visitors would like to share with their children. This is not surprising because it provides countless benefits - from being in the fresh air, doing sports, socializing, entertainment, eating healthy and delicious meals, new precious experiences and quality sleep after all those excitements and activities...

Many parents who have not yet embarked on this kind of adventure with their little ones have many doubts and questions: "Can children also go rafting on the Tara? How safe is this activity for them? Is white water rafting recommended for preschool children? What does the equipment look like? Are the guides trained to respond in all situations? Is staying at the camp kids-friendly?” That's why we are here to clear all your doubts. We will show you why going rafting can be a great idea for an active vacation with children, which family activities we have prepared at the Drina-Tara Rafting Center, what kind of accommodation and menu await you here, what safety measures are in place, and why this is a pastime for the whole family which will be recounted and remembered.

Rafting on the Tara river: Fun with maximum safety

Who can participate in rafting? It depends on physical fitness, age, and mostly on the section of the river, the water level, and the season. Therefore, for children, it is best to choose a quieter section or a time of year when the water level is lower and the river is not too fast. For children under the age of 12, it is recommended not to go rafting on the Tara River in April, May, and early June, because at that time, due to the melting of the snow, the water level rises, and rapids are created and the river is the fastest.

When is it safest to go rafting in Tara with children? When can children also go rafting? The age limit during the entire rafting season is 12 years, but note that in spring the age limit may be raised to 16 years for a few days when the water level rises. For the youngest, from the age of 8, the Tara is most suitable from late June, in July, August, and September, because the river is not as fast as in spring. Please note that children go rafting exclusively accompanied by their parents and that the organizers at the Drina-Tara Rafting Center reserve the right to assess the readiness of the participants.

The emphasis is on health and sports, but also adrenaline and fun, with the highest security measures. Top equipment according to EU standards will be distributed to all visitors participating in rafting. What will you get from the equipment? Everyone who goes rafting on the Tara will be provided with safety equipment - a vest, helmet, neoprene suit, neoprene shoes, and anorak.

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Before starting rafting, all participants go through a short rafting course - our skipper guides will explain rowing techniques, as well as how to sit and behave in the boat, how to react in certain situations, etc. All our guides are professional and licensed.

Special offer for families with children from 4 to 8 years old

We have noticed that more and more families with children decide to visit our Rafting Center Drina-Tara, so we have created a special package for families with children from 4 to 8 years old. What does this offer include? It is family rafting - two nights, six meals, a trip to the sand pyramids in Foča, aqua park, mini zoo, a walk in the countryside, a stay in the camp and, of course, rafting on a section with a calmer water level in a length of 18 km (from the Drina Rafting Center -Tara to Brod on the Drina). In the summer months, this part of the river is also suitable for smaller children, so this arrangement of rafting on the Tara is particularly safe and comfortable for anyone who has no previous experience with rafting.

There is also a variety of fresh and delicious local food, which even your youngest picky ones will like - from ushtipak, pies, burek, cheese, cream cheese, warm scones, stews, salads, meat, fish, baklava, tulumba, and a rose pies for dessert. It should be emphasized that all the food we offer at the Drina-Tara Rafting Center is produced in the Tara canyon area and its surroundings.

Rafting on the Tara: Benefits for the whole family

The advantages for your youngest, but also you as a family, are numerous. Above all:

  • Quality time spent as a family
  • Rest, fun, relaxation, and enjoyment
  • Children stay in nature, in the fresh air, and are active
  • Mastering rapids teaches them self-confidence, and how to react without panic in situations where they are under adrenaline. They learn teamwork, risk-taking, and responsibility
  • They manage with the help of logical thinking, without fear
  • Kids will not be bored, no matter what age
  • In the camp, they make new acquaintances and play new games
  • Tired from rafting, they sleep well (and you do, too)
  • During a day full of activities, they won't even think of looking at the tablet or phone screen, but if they still want to after returning to the camp, there is free Wi-Fi in the camp
  • The nearby national parks "Sutjeska" and "Durmitor" are real treasures that will teach your children some new geographical, ecological, and biological facts about the rivers, mountains, flora, and fauna of this region, the Perućica rainforest, the Tara canyon, the Zelengora lakes...

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Tara offers so much more than just rafting for the young ones and the older ones. What other types of entertainment do we offer and is there anything particularly interesting for teenagers? In addition to going on adrenaline rafting, we also have the option of riding ecological electric bicycles, going on a zipline, Airsoft, horseback riding, walking in the forest, and hiking, and there are also interesting photo safari and quad rides.

Above all, by going rafting you create shared memories of an exciting and unforgettable experience. On rafting with Tara, you will bond as a family and spend real quality time on vacation together, and we will be there to make your stay look like a fairy tale.

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