Rafting and team building: an adventure that your employees will never forget

Team building on rafting creates positive atmosphere in the work environment.

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For many years, at the Rafting Center Drina Tara, we have been welcoming companies that want to organize rafting on the Tara River for their employees. Accommodation awaits them in lovely mountain-style wooden bungalows in a camp on the river bank. A restaurant that can host up to 400 people is at their service, as well as an open terrace under a clear sky, plenty of delicious homemade food, interesting games, and activities, and a hall for meetings, conferences, and presentations that covers 200m2

Let us present to you what it looks like when company employees come rafting on the Tara as part of a team-building activity. We will explain all the advantages and benefits that the company and employees have from this kind of shared active vacation and list all the reasons why this type of fun and team building is a great idea for both small and large companies. Let's take a look at why and how these recreational activities and authentic experiences could be fun, exciting, and beneficial for your team.

What is team building for and what are its advantages?

The benefits of team building were discovered by companies in the USA several decades ago. The purpose of team building is for the team within a company to connect, get to know each other, develop certain skills and competencies, build trust and communicate better both among themselves and with other teams. There is no respectable company that does not organize this type of activity for its employees, so team building has become popular in our area as well. Companies organize quizzes, karaoke, weekend stays in nature, playing games, etc. for their employees from time to time. Orienteering, treasure hunting, mountaineering, paintball, archery, bowling, interactive workshops, and familiarization exercises are just some of the disciplines for team building and team bonding. The point of this shared experience is better motivation for the mutual satisfaction of the company and the employees.

rafting center drina tara, rafting tara, team building

The idea behind team building: how will rafting on the Tara connect and strengthen the team?

Many companies have been convinced that this recreational activity is not only a fun adventure but also has a deeper purpose. They witnessed that both the employees and the company itself benefit from this kind of stay in nature with organized outdoor activities.

  • Participants are in a situation where they need to cooperate - team spirit develops
  • Coping under pressure and adrenaline improves
  • Members get to know each other better - friendly relations are born from this stay
  • In the relaxed atmosphere by the fire after rafting, more open communication takes place than at the workplace
  • Satisfied employees = more productive employees who bring better results
  • Participants understand the importance of listening - when you listen to the guide you are focused on information that is important for the success of the whole team
  • Positive energy and positive culture - due to the environment, nature, fresh air, socializing, and joint fun activities, a positive atmosphere, and enthusiasm are born
  • Even new employees have the opportunity to integrate quickly and easily

What activities are available to your employees?

In addition to adrenaline rafting, which attracts visitors from all over the world, we also offer facilities for various team sports - volleyball, football, badminton, a training ground for the strategic airsoft game, and next to the camp there are small beaches along the turquoise river where visitors can refresh, relax and entertain.

rafting centar drina tara, rafting tara, team building

Depending on the wishes, needs, and affinities of your group, we offer various arrangements, and we should emphasize that you can also create a list of activities for your employees. You can choose from Jeep photo safaris, driving powerful four-wheelers - quads, eco-tour - riding electric bicycles, as well as canyoning and zipline for the braver ones.

For all kinds of business meetings, there is our newly built conference room, and our friendly staff is always at your service.

What can be visited and seen in this area?

In addition to all that, there is also famous hiking for lovers of nature and mountaineering in nature reserves such as Sutjeska National Park and Durmitor National Park, Zelengora Mountain, and a tour of mountain lakes (there are as many as eight them) and the Perućica primeval forest.

rafting centar drina tara, rafting tara, team building, hiking

Among the natural beauties of this region, don’t forget to visit the canyon of the Hrcavka river and its waterfalls and cascades. Among the historical sights, there is an old log church, the remains of the medieval town of Todjevac, and the monument on Tjentishte ("Battle on the Sutjeska")... For all these hiking tours our guides who know this area very well are at your disposal.

The central activity is certainly rafting on the Tara river, where your teams will be taken by our experienced and certified guides who will give rafting participants a brief safety course before the activity starts. It should be emphasized that the equipment that we will distribute to them is the best on the market (500 sets of helmets, vests, neoprene suits, and shoes in accordance with EU standards).

Experienced in the organization: superb accommodation and food

Rafting Center Drina Tara has as many as 400 beds arranged in 120 bungalows located in a unique environment of untouched nature, in the very canyon of the Tara River. The rooms are characterized by exceptional cleanliness and comfort, with free WiFi, and private bathrooms in the lux bungalows. All guests are provided with free parking, and we are easily accessible by car and public transportation. In addition, we also offer organized transportation with daily departures from Belgrade in the season from April 1 to October 15. The recommendation for larger groups is to book their appointment in September and October now.

The meeting place in the camp is our restaurant terrace, where a good time after rafting is guaranteed in a relaxed atmosphere and with good music. What many guests point out as the strongest impression are our delicacies prepared by traditional recipes - a rich menu for lovers of a good bite, gourmets, and hedonists, with menu options for vegetarians and vegans as well.

rafting centar drina tara, rafting tara, team building

Because of all this, Rafting Center Drina Tara is the most common choice of companies, and we are also the largest facility for team building in the region and the largest rafting center in Europe.

Drina Tara Rafting Center is the perfect choice for team building

In this kind of team building, employees feel accepted, comfortable and motivated. In this way, the weaknesses and strengths of teams are revealed, problem-solving skills are improved and logical thinking is involved. Through fun activities, employees, even the more introverted and shy ones, are freed, empowered, and gain self-confidence. Better communication and mutual understanding are achieved and then transferred to the workplace and the working atmosphere.

Going on team building on a river like Tara and rafting as an exciting activity will be a trip that all employees will look forward to, leaving many beautiful memories, better interpersonal relations, teams that cooperate as one, and a much brighter and more positive atmosphere in the work environment. Colleagues become closer, and the company becomes a more pleasant place to work.

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