Successful start of the season - Rafting on the Tara river 2015

Adrenaline rafting on the Tara riveris always a new and unforgettable experience for our guests! In the new season our rafting center “Drina-Tara” has seen an increasing number of visitors from Europe, but also from the USA, South America, China... These days, guests from Australia, Chile, Brazil and Thailand have arrived, enchanted by the pristine beauty of the river Tara, and the natural beauty of Durmitor, Maglic, Zelengora , Volujak  and primeval forest Perućica.

In the month of May and the first days of June, rafting center “Drina-Tara” has recorded the biggest guest attendance. According to the owners of the center of Borko Todorovic and Zeljko Milutinovic, since the first of May the number of rafting enthusiasts’ arrivals  from the European Union has almost doubled, especially Englishmen, Frenchmen, Germans and Scandinavians, but also guests from other continents. What is very interesting is that this story of a fantastic, adrenaline rafting, and enjoying the clearest European river Tara has arrived in the United States, South America, Australia and even in China, Chile, Brazil and Thailand, from where sixty guests have arrived in the last week.

We first came here on the rafting on the Tara river, suggested by our friends who were perfectly hosted in Rafting center "Drina-Tara" last year. This exceeds all our expectations. Everything is like in a fairy tale - rafting on Tara, whose water you can drink out of the boat, originally pure forest, fantastic organic food, friendly hosts and low prices, in one word-everything.

Leon Fover,  from Australia.

This says says Leon Fover, from Sydney. He came rafting in the company of his girlfriend Lauren Dehme, from Canberra, and when they return, these two young will talk about their impressions to their friends who will, as they say, be sure to come to this last European oasis of pure nature.

Rafting down the Tara and other activities

The most popular tour in our Rafting center is a two-day stay which includes rafting on the 25 kilometers long route of the Tara River and jeep safari through the National Park “Sutjeska” with a visit to one  part of the Perucica, the only primeval forest in Europe. Here, from the lookout, surrounded by giant pine trees, lies a fantastic view of the waterfall “Skakavac” and stone peaks of Volujak and Maglic, over 2000 meters high. Here we meet Marot Niklas from Sweden, in the company of his guests from Thailand-Yeh Miss Pitchsineee and Jate Chajanon Tiraju. This group, mixing several languages, is trying to explain to the newcomers –a Russian girl Misarova Alsa and Robert Zapata Ortiz from Chile, what exciting things await for them during the Tara rafting which, they say, has no peer.

We are all soaking wet, the boat went through several cascades and rapids of theTara, but we are happy and satisfied as never before. Adrenalin is still here. We will definitely come back here again next year, but in a larger company and for more days. We’ll go on the longest rafting on the river Tara-100 kilometers on the boat, through the deepest, canyon in the world, after Colorado, which we've heard is the peak of satisfaction.

Marot Niklas, from Sweden.

Our Rafting center “Drina-Tara” also offers a two-day rafting through the Tara canyon, where rocky cliffs overlooking the river Tara, in some places, descend to 1300 meters into the abyss. Departure and transportation of guests from the rafting center by jeeps starts over Piva Mountain and Durmitor and ends at “Splaviste”, not far from the grandiose bridge on Djurdjevica Tara, built before World War II. The boats pass beneath the concrete colossus, higher than 150 meters, which is a sort of an attraction by itself. At this very moment two boats with 16 adventure lovers are setting off on this exciting journey. They will be spending their first night in the heart of the canyon, to continue rafting the next day, after breakfast, prepared and served by our cooks.

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