8 reasons why Tara rafting is an ideal trip for couples

Tara Rafting - an experience that connects you!

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Sleeping in a cozy and snug wooden hut with the pleasant sound of the river, tasty home-made specialties, water adventure on rapids, a walk in a forest of incredible beauty with plenty of hidden wonders such as waterfalls and caves, an escape from the city noise - all this sounds like the perfect romantic trip for two.

Have you ever been on a vacation where you felt like you were at home, but your day was filled with various activities, and the service was so perfect that it pampered you? Rafting on the Tara while staying in our camp Rafting Center Drina Tara offers all this and is one of the best trips any couple can imagine.

The magic of the river and the forest will bring real refreshment into your relationship and recharge your batteries. All you have to do is focus on each other, and we will take care of everything else - the comfort in the camp, the rich menu, safety on the river, as well as to experience a real adrenaline adventure, to home good sleep, relax, and choose the best excursions and activities that are right for you as a couple.

An original idea for a weekend trip

Your other half will be truly impressed that you came up with such a creative and exciting idea as rafting on the Tara river. Rejecting stale and traditional ideas for a weekend trip will make everything in your emotional relationship look fresher and more innovative.

You will show that you are open to challenges, that you like to try new things, and that you are always ready to surprise your partner.

rafting center drina tara, rafting tara, 14 Feb, valentine's day, trip for couples

Breaking the Ice

When you’re at the very beginning of a relationship, the conversation can be a bit strained. However, on rafting, there will be no awkward silence or any boring moments. Whether you talk about the beautiful nature and the areas you have seen or about the rowing techniques and the interesting stories your skipper has told you, you will have an endless number of topics to talk about.

Romantic setting

As a couple, you can indulge yourselves in an adventure like rafting and be surrounded by idyllic views of the Tara and Drina rivers, the Maglic and Volujak mountains, and the Perućica primeval forest. Unique rivers and glacial lakes of Sutjeska and Durmitor National Parks offer so much beauty and diversity with stunning views, flora and fauna, to historical monuments, that you will truly enjoy everything around you.

Nothing encourages romance like the natural beauty of the area around the Drina and Tara rivers.

rafting center drina tara, rafting tara, 14 feb, valentine's day, trip for couples

Experience that connects you

Overcoming challenges together can bring a couple closer and show how much they support each other. Rhythmic paddling, avoiding obstacles, and navigating rapids together will further strengthen your bond and demonstrate how much you care for each other.

The water splashing you, the thrill in your stomach, going under a waterfall, and then to top it off, music, a warm delicious meal by the fire, local drinks, and dancing late into the night will create a romantic atmosphere and an unforgettable experience.

You will truly get to know each other

Yes, you can get to know your partner while chatting over dinner, but you will really get to know them well only when you see how they react as you navigate rapids and the waves hit you. Studies have shown that people feel emotions more strongly when their pulse is accelerated and adrenaline is running through their veins.

You will see how your beloved one reacts while whitewater rafting, with the risk of falling out of the boat. And there is also a chance for you to show how skillful, brave and fit you are, and how caring you are towards him/her!

rafting center drina tara, rafting tara, 14 Feb, valentine's day, trip for couples

No interruption!

How long has it been since you and your partner spent a day together without mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and televisions? Nothing can ruin a romantic moment quite like the sound of a business email notification or ads on the television disrupting your focus.

Going out into nature and staying by the river will make you more focused on each other without distractions. It will be a true digital detox. Of course, whenever you need it, the camp has a WiFi signal available, but by the river, you could take a break from technology and devote yourself to each other.

You can't be bored while rafting

The definition of "active holiday" in the dictionary can be accompanied by a picture of our camp. We offer various outdoor activities for couples and plenty to do and explore outdoors.

Our guides and drivers are here to help you, you just have to decide which activities you want to include in your romantic getaway. Rafting, Airsoft, Zipline, hiking, a visit to Andrićgrad or Sarajevo, you two just need to imagine and we will organize activities that you haven't tried before.

What else can you visit? Take a look and experience all that the area around Foča has to offer. Take a stroll to the Sutjeska Monument, embark on an adventure called 4X4 Jeep Safari and take photos of the amazing views and landscapes of Zelengora, ride quads for an extra dose of excitement, go hiking or ride an electric bike and visit all the sights around the Tara Canyon, and if you are really in shape and physically fit, take on the challenge of canyoning and walk through all the narrows of the Tara Canyon, leaping, climbing, swimming, and even diving.

Wine, Love, and idyllic Trebinje and Dubrovnik

Another romantic activity is certainly wine tourism. A tour of wineries, vineyards, and wine cellars with wine tasting is a trip for two that intoxicates all the senses. From visiting picturesque areas from Tjentište to Trebinje, visiting the Imperial vineyards with a tasting of famous Herzegovinian wines and snacks to the optional trip to Dubrovnik and sightseeing of its magnificent scenery from the series Game of Thrones. Here's a great suggestion for couples' trips!

You will never forget your rafting trip together

And probably your first rafting trip won't be your last.

After spending time on the Tara rafting, you will have vivid memories of your romantic trip. Couples love to reminisce about the time spent on the Tara rafting and gladly come back to us.

rafting center drina tara, rafting tara, 14 Feb, valentine's day, trip for couples

Are you tired of always having the same dinner date and movie night? Let your next date night not be boring cliche. Experience something you will never forget. Whether you have been married for years or just getting to know each other, Tara rafting is a perfect romantic adventure. Quality and original time spent, an active weekend that will bring you closer, and an opportunity to strengthen your relationship in a beautiful environment. Now you know why rafting Taro is an ideal getaway for couples and a wonderful way to enjoy the wilderness, work as a team, and experience a big adventure!

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