How to combine rafting and a good time

Tara rafting and the best time in nature!

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Do you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, but not to a place that is too quiet and boring and where there is nothing to do, see, or try? Are you tired of everyday struggles? The only “struggle” here is the one with the rapids and waterfalls of the river. Do you dream of going to untouched nature, but with a variety of facilities and activities available to you and your friends, and a good time in the evening? Then Rafting Center Drina-Tara is the ideal place for you.

Whether you come as a couple, a part of a smaller or larger group of friends or relatives, or as colleagues, every day with us will be fulfilling. In addition to adrenaline rafting along the length of the river of 25 km, 42 km, or 100 km, we offer a variety of other outdoor activities. Here's an idea of how to have fun, cool off on hot summer days, visit a great place on your way to the Adriatic or extend your summer vacation for another day or two of adventure. What kind of time awaits you when you come to rafting on the Tara in 2022? You will find out in the following paragraphs.

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The best time on the river: rafting down the Tara river

When it comes to rafting on the river Tara, the party during the day is on the river, and in the evening on the terrace by the river, seasoned with pop and rock music, ex-Yu hits, and you might even attend a live gig by various well-known artists who often visit us. What does a day on the river look like? We will take you to the starting point for rafting (Brštanovica or Splavishte depending on the chosen arrangement), our licensed skippers will explain how to paddle and give you advice on safety on the boat, and then a few hours long rafting adventure begins with breaks for swimming and taking photos of attractive places. The Tara rafting itself cannot be recounted in words, it must be experienced.

rafting center drina-tara, tara rafting, adrenaline rafting, best parties

What fun activities, besides rafting, are there?

Here, close to the town of Foca, in the Tara canyon, a natural border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, near two national parks, Sutjeska and Durmitor, you will find a mix of beautiful nature, excellent local, home-cooked food, unforgettable socializing in the camp, outdoor activities and overall a great time.

What is best of all, you can plan your active vacation yourself and include all the activities you want. All these activities in nature are generally not intensive- you do not need any previous experience, special physical fitness, or training. Let's see what else can be experienced here besides rafting.


Every inch of the Sutjeska National Park represents an extraordinary beauty that no one who embarks on a walk or hike will remain indifferent to. This nature reserve offers a view of wild waters, rocks, forests, glacial lakes, rich flora and fauna, and an understanding of these areas geographically and historically -to visitors who decide to go on some of the hiking tours, which are, for a good reason, the most popular type of active vacation along with rafting in Tara. Hiking, trekking, walking, whatever you decide to do, we offer you tours led by professional guides. The choice of hiking trails is really large, and the places to visit are the eight mountain lakes of Zelengora, also known as "mountain eyes", the Perućica rainforest, Tjentište, Skakavac waterfall, Trnovačko lake, Sutjeska canyon... There are also more demanding hiking tours for more prepared walkers, such as the climb to the top of Maglić, the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the ascent to Durmitor (the highest mountain peak in Montenegro).

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Jeep photo safari

The 4X4 Jeep photo safari offers real enjoyment in nature, and with all-terrain vehicles, we take you to the beautiful wilderness and nature - to Zelengora, the right rim of the Tara canyon, and the Durmitor ring. Driving Jeeps off-road is recommended for all those with an adventurous spirit. This is an opportunity for those who are not in the mood for a long hike to discover incredible landscapes and areas that they could have only dreamed about.

ATV Quads

ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) are, as their name suggests, vehicles for all terrains. We have the capacity for as many as 25 guests of the Drina-Tara Rafting Center to experience riding ATV quads simultaneously. Explore the environment with these strong machines, and there are also XXL quads for extra adrenaline. What can be toured with these four-wheelers? The Tara canyon, a trip to the famous Zeleni bor cheese farm, a full-day expedition to the Zelengora mountain, the Sutjeska National Park, the Pliješ mountains (1717m above sea level), and Vukuša (1414m above sea level)...


Canyoning is quite a new activity intended for visitors who are looking for a good adrenaline rush. Canyoning includes passing through straits and narrow canyons, even going down the cliffs with the help of a hook and rope, jumping from rocks into the water, swimming, and diving. This is a more extreme but also comprehensive way to visit the Hrčavka and Nevidio canyons in all their beauty.

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Here is a nice idea on how to spend a day in nature on a full-day excursion in a completely ecological way. We are proud to say that we are the first in the region to organize such e-bike tours with electric bikes. Electric bikes are nature friendly, and you can visit many more natural beauties riding them than on foot. We offer tours on the Tara canyon and on the Zelengora mountain.

Speaking of Zelengora, in addition to riding the most modern e-bikes, we also have the most attractive hiking tour in the region, the Zelengora Ring - a tour of the lake on Zelengora (this destination can also be toured on ATV quads or horses).


The zip line tour is for all those who want to experience the thrill of gliding above the canyon while observing the magnificent and breathtaking nature from a bird's eye view. You will feel as if you are floating above the river canyon as you go down the 1400m long zip line. Along with this extraordinary experience, you will also visit the canyon of the Piva River, the beautiful Piva Lake, as well as the magnificent viewpoints of this area.


Airsoft is a simulation sport similar to paintball. It is a non-violent strategic competition between two opposing teams, carried out with replica weapons with plastic balls on the training ground and played with teamwork. The game is completely safe and promises a lot of adrenaline and fun!

Socializing in the camp and famous parties on the terrace over the river

When it comes to rafting, the camps on the Tara are a vast experience of nature and the excitement that you experienced on rafting. We can boast that our camp at the Drina-Tara Rafting Center is the largest of its kind in Europe. Drina-Tara rafting camp is not just a place where you will spend the night. In the camp, the fun continues and there is a special atmosphere. When you return to it after several hours of paddling on the rapids, full of impressions, you will be greeted by delicious home-cooked meals and a superb selection of drinks. During your stay, you will be able to consume local wines and brandies, the most famous of which is a brandy made from wild pear, also known as "divurica". There is also grape brandy and plum brandy made from Drina plum pozegaca. For wine lovers, there are some of the best quality Herzegovinian wines on our wine list, such as Vranac and Žilavka, as well as many others.

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Our camp contains 120 bungalows with 400 beds and offers a real glamping experience, and people from all over the world stay in it, both from this region and from all over the world, so new acquaintances are often made there, as well as love and lifelong friendships. . The meeting place is our restaurant with terraces overlooking the river, while the fire in the central hearth gives a special charm to every evening, and during your stay, delicious home-made specialties according to the traditional recipes of this area will await you. Below the terraces, there is a beach where you can swim and cool off. The best time in the region is here until mid-October. Live gigs last until 2 a.m. on Saturdays, while on weekdays it's a bit quieter and the music turns down by 1 a.m.

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As you might have found out, we have something for everyone - adventurers, foodies, sportsmen, nature lovers, and live music lovers. That's why a stay at the Drina-Tara Rafting Center is a great idea for an extended weekend with friends. Choose one of our offers or plan and design your own active vacation with us, combined with a guaranteed good time. We are waiting for you!

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