Sutjeska National Park

Zelengora Mountain

Zelengora is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Balkans! It is located in the northern Herzegovina in the southeastern part of the Republic of Srpska and BiH. On Zelengora there are 9 karst lakes, known as ‘mountain eyes’.

Mountain Zelengora as part of the National Park Sutjeska is extremely rich in plant and animal species and is in every way a true gem of Dinara system. On Zelengora and generally in this area you will find a very rich and varied wildlife. Many species that inhabit this region are endemic and Zelengora and Sutjeska there are also populations of large mammals which do not survive in many places in Europe, but here are in completely natural environment. We often go to mountain Zelengora with our guests, mostly on day trips or excursions possible with one overnight stay in tents.

The most common touring destination is Orlovacko Lake and climbing to the top of Zelengora. For touring of Zelengora it is possible to choose a jeep safari with light walks or in combination with serious walking.


Zelengora mountain with the Sutjeska National Park , Maglic Mountain and Durmitor massif form one whole, unique for its beauty. Although we offer tours of Durmitor, we always recommend NP Sutjeska, Perucica and Zelengora as the first choice because these are examples of still untouched wilderness while Durmitor National Park is almost completely covered with asphalt roads, so guests can visit the most part of the it by themselves.

Rainforest Perucica, Maglic mountain and lake Trnovacko

One of our most popular packages besides rafting is jeep safari with hiking in the National Park Sutjeska. During the arrangement you visit the only primeval forest in Europe - Perucica with waterfall Skakavac which is over 80 meters high.

Perucica forest is unique in Europe as completely untouched area without any human influence. It is extremely rich in plant and animal species. In the rainforest trees over 50m can be found and a maximum measured tree is 57,4m. The record in the altitude it was the tree of 62m which has recently fallen down.

The package usually starts after breakfast in our Rafting Center Drina Tara. We enter the National Park with our terrain vehicles and the first break is made at Dragos Sedlo. After light walk we arrive at the rim of the rainforest lookout and beautiful waterfall Skakavac. The waterfall is over 80 meters high and is located in the heart of the rainforest Perućica. After Dragos Sedlo we continue our journey driving to mountain crease Prijevor. It is located beneath Maglic, the highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina. At Prijevor we leave the vehicle and walk next to the mountain settlements to Trnovačko lake. Climb to the lake takes 2 to 3 hours.


Trnovačko Lake is a beautiful glacial lake located below Maglić -the highest peak in BiH. On Trnovacko lake it is possible to camp and you can access it exclusively on foot.

Depending on weather conditions at the lake we can take a break for swimming, photography, rest and snack and then proceed back to the vehicles. We are back at he Rafting Center around 7 or 8 p.m.

trnovacko lake

In addition to visiting the lake and Perućica we also organize climbing to Maglic but it mostly as a part of a two-day arrangement.

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