5 things you should know if you are considering the driving ATV Quad

Are you going rafting and thinking about additional adventure? Driving quads through the colorful landscape of the Tara canyon is an exciting and fun activity available to all who have a driver's license and want some adrenaline. Also, this is one of the TOP offers for our guests this season!

Whether you choose the day after rafting or the morning before your departure, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the view from above to the canyons of Tara, Piva and Sutjeska, in a one-hour adventure above the camp. For those who would like a longer ride, there are daily routes through the NP Sutjeska and Zelengora, on the slopes that leave you breathless.

5 things that are important to know if you are thinking about driving quads:


As with any other adventure, driving quads is preceded by a short theoretical and then practical training. Getting to know the vehicle takes about 10 minutes, and then the driver and passenger can ask anything they do not understand. In order for someone to drive a quad, he must be at least 17 years old with a valid driver's license. The vehicles are set to have their transmission automatically, which means there is no need to think about gear shifting. Before you start, the vehicles are tried out in the parking lot, where all the commands are tested in controlled conditions. This part is important so that all participants in the tour are confident that they can do it. After that, with a smile you start the adventure of researching nature on a four-wheeler.

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Every season on the quad is magical. During the winter, the beauty is in going off the beaten roads, the sound of the engine while the quad tirelessly shatters the way through the luminous, untouched snow and the adrenaline ingress when you get stuck on a hill so you can not go either back or forth. During the summer, the charm is in the warm air that flows, the beauty of colors as you pass through the forest, you cross the stream, reaching the mountain peaks with a magnificent view of the foothills. The best thing about quads is that they are vehicles for all types of terrain, they can handle even the most challenging weather conditions and every driver can try it.

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As in life, when we choose friends with the same interests, desires and ambitions, it is also important for us to choose the right front passenger. He is the one who can support the adventure in the curves, move the driver from the seat, but also slow down the ride if he is afraid of the uneven terrain. Most often, the driver and co-driver switch places, so it would be a good idea for them to be people of similar temperament. Riding a quad is a good opportunity to really get to know the person you’ve been hanging out with for a long time and see them in completely new circumstances - to see how they react under stress, whether they are afraid of unforeseen situations, how much panic, whether they love to have control over circumstances ... Whether they are afraid or an adrenaline addict, they are the ones who will partly dictate the pace of the ride. The same routes with different co-drivers is always a completely different, unique experience.

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One of the reasons why people choose this adventure in addition to adrenaline is to enjoy the beautiful landscapes. That this is not always the case, testifies the basic function of the quads - driving across different challenging terrain. You will pass through the rock, dust, holes, grass, and mud and it can be physically demanding. The strong grip of the of the steering wheel handle, the bumping and the stiffness can easily be causes of tomorrow’s sore mucles of the entire body. However, all this is an introduction to what is the ultimate goal - coming to the top, where you are waiting for a look that explains why you had to struggle a bit to come here. Then comes the story from our warm, kind, guides about how Herzegovina came into existence, what is so special about the Tara that makes people keep coming back and what are the hidden paths in NP Sutjeska. Therefore, no matter how steep and scary the way here might seem just imagine how special it is to come to the part of untouched nature and deeply breathe in its air. That is the joy of achieving one small goal.

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A helmet belongs to mandatory equipment and there are no but‘s. In addition, it is a good ide to have sunglasses. Whatever the season, the reflection of the whiteness of the snow or the sun rays piercing through the tree trunks can prevent you from focusing on the road as you blink. Off-road driving involves mud, dirt and sand, so it's quite certain that you will finish the ride with a completely dirty wardrobe. That's why you should wear clothes that is easy to wash the stains but also to be water- and wind-proof.

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Author and our associate: Dijana Kocic

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