September and October rafting and some new outdoor activities

september rafting

One of the most beautiful months for rafting is September. The vacation season ends and the roads and various destinations are getting less crowded. That's why the Tara canyon is a fantastic place to be in September. With less people, only the sound of nature can be heard on the river, and the nature gradually changes its colors.

Weekends in the first half of September are still busy in our camp but the other half is more relaxing even at weekends. In October, we plan more rafting as well as some new tours with our quats and 4x4 terrain vehicles.

september rafting


In the immediate vicinity of our camp, on the top of the Tara canyon there is a small new farm, which produces old cheese named "Golden Pine". From the edge of the canyon, where the cows that give this milk feed, you can easily see the place where the rivers Tara and Piva merge into the Drina or Zelenika ... From that place it’s only about 10km to our Rafting Center Drina Tara by air, but we plan to go to there by our ATV four-wheelers in late September and October. For our guests we will organize a day-long ride along the edge of the Tara canyon all the way to Golden Pine, where we will have a daily tasting of cheese, home-made wine and brandy on the edge of the canyon.

The cheese on this farm is made traditionally- the milk is heated on firewood, in a huge hand-wrought copper bowl. It is then cheddared traditionally, cut, filtered, marinated then placed on the open shelves to mature in fresh air from the peaks of mountains Durmitor and Ljubisnje for more than 16 months. The cheese matures naturally, without any influence from the artificial or industrial. That's why every piece of cheese is of specific taste. The cows here eat herbs and teas, and there is certainly no place in Europe where milk and cheese are more "organic" and healthier than here. The roads that lead to this farm are macadam, and most of the winters cut off from the world. But perhaps the lack of care of the authorities is not bad in a way- at least this oasis of untouched nature is preserved, which is so rare nowadays.

So, this time too we are planning to take you to a new, unusual natural oasis, with a great combination of adrenaline and enjoyment in local gastronomy - what we have been known for in the las 20 years! Welcome!

kseptember atv quads

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