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Rafting Tara Glamping - luxury and comfort in nature!

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Do you like staying in nature? Do you enjoy fresh air, the pleasant sound of the humming river, and walking the forest paths as soon as you wake up, but you are not a fan of sleeping in a tent? Camping would be a great adventure for you if there were no insects, sudden storms and winds, tents leaking, as well as hard and uncomfortable surfaces? Do you want accommodation close to natural beauties but without having to sacrifice your comfort? Sharing toilets and showers with other campers is not exactly in the description of your ideal vacation? Can't do without electricity and internet?

We have good news for you - camping has now got a new, more luxurious, and comfortable form: glamping! We will now discover what glamping is, how it differs from traditional camping, what conditions and advantages it provides, and what adventures are available to you when you go glamping.

Affordable, simple, and comfortable

Unlike classic camping and tent pitching, glamping offers you direct access to nature, but in "home-like" conditions. You are literally in the woods, by the river, on the beach, or the mountain, and you feel like you are in a five-star hotel. Let's see what benefits glamping offers compared to camping we are used to.


Contrary to packing and carrying camping equipment, pitching tents, and setting up camp in the hope that the weather conditions serve you, glamping allows you to come to the accommodation already prepared for you. It usually means a solid facility in which one stays, with electricity and water provided, as well as excellent hygienic conditions.


This is one of the most compelling reasons why you should try glamping. Instead of sleeping bags and improvised mattresses and camper beds, a comfortable bed with clean linen awaits you while glamping. You must admit, it sounds good - there is no more cold stinging base, but only a soft mattress just like in the most comfortable apartments.


Here is another significant difference between plain camping and glamping. There is either no toilet on the campsite or it is a block of showers and toilets shared by the entire campsite. This is not the case with glamping - this type of accommodation includes a real bathroom and private shower with hot water, and complete privacy.


The only way to warm up while camping is by sitting by the fire, layering, and covering with more blankets and blankets. However, glamping gives us complete comfort. The glamping facility has heating inside and it is very pleasant after a day spent outside.

Tents and bungalows that are warm and cozy are mostly equipped with air conditioning which can cool you down as needed during the hot summer months.


Cooking on an open fire has its charms, but it requires more preparation and depends on the weather conditions. In glamping there are other options available - in addition to the traditional preparation of food on the fire, visitors are provided with e.g. kitchenette, coffee maker, butane cooking option, or wood stove.

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What is even better, in many camps with a glamping concept there is also a restaurant where you can enjoy gastronomic specialties. This benefit is especially appealing when we are tired and hungry after various activities in nature such as hiking, rafting, swimming, and the like. There is nothing more comforting than the fact that when we return to the camp, we do not have to make an effort to prepare delicious food, but someone will prepare it for us. Even better if the restaurant is a comfortable place where you can have a drink, socialize and enjoy.

Quality time spent with family and friends

Perhaps the most important is that glamping will allow you to spend real quality time with the people you love without any distractions. In the comfortable accommodation and the amazing nature that surrounds you, you will be able to connect with family and friends in peace and enjoy relaxation or recreation, creating memories that will be retold for a long time.

When it comes to recreation and outdoor activities, glamping is ideal for an active holiday. Hiking in nature, rent-a-bike, electric bike or quad, rafting, canyoning, wine tourism, trips to the surrounding lookouts, lakes, and other natural beauties, adrenaline games like AirSoft, all these are outdoor activities and tours that await you.

In harmony with the environment

In addition to all the listed advantages and comforts, you should also know that glamping is an eco-friendly form of travel and accommodation. What is it that makes glamping good for the environment? Glamping houses and huts are usually made of sustainable materials such as wood, without damaging the existing ecosystem. Eco-huts, shepherd's houses or abandoned wagons, trailers, etc. are often used for accommodation. which on this occasion are recycled for a new purpose which is also eco friendly.

In addition, when it comes to food, visitors are offered local products so there is no pollution due to packaging, transport, etc. There are no high emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Visitors to such camps have the opportunity to connect with nature and be aware of environmental issues.

History of glamping

Glamping has been around for a long time. It is not the latest fashion and it is not just a luxury tent! Glamping is an English coin created by combining the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. The term was first used in 2005 in England to describe luxury camping, and in 2016 it entered the Oxford Dictionary.

When and how did glamping come about?

This concept is not new at all. A story goes that in 16th century Scotland, Earl Atholl prepared a real glamping experience for King James V and his mother. On that occasion, the count bought the most luxurious tent and decorated it with objects from his palace.

This type of travel and stay in nature developed in Africa at the beginning of the 20th century and was practiced by rich American and European travelers. They did not want to give up comfort on the safari either - soft beds, a private bathroom, and delicious meals served in expensive dishes. The lavishly equipped tents were also typical for the Ottoman Empire - like mobile palaces ready to welcome the sultan. Spacious and durable traditional tent-houses called yurts, spread among nomads across Asia, have also served as inspiration for modern glamping solutions.

What does glamping look like today?

From tents with beds, carpets, lamps and lanterns, solar panels, and jacuzzi tubs to treehouses, huts, and caravans with curtains, canopies, bedside tables, and Wi-Fi signal, and verandas equipped with garden furniture and deck chairs, options around the world offer a variety glamping experiences. One thing is for sure - the glamping movement is becoming more widespread, and this form of improved and comfortable camping is increasingly attractive to travelers fleeing the city bustle.

Glamping in Rafting Center Drina-Tara

If this type of accommodation and stay in nature sounds tempting, contact us and we will make a rafting & glamping arrangement for you. Our Rafting Center Drina Tara has 120 bungalows with about 400 beds wherein the untouched greenery along the mountain rivers Drina and Tara, you can enjoy a combination of exceptional comfort and unreal beautiful nature of the Perućica rainforest, Tara river canyon, and Sutjeska and Durmitor national parks. All bungalows are equipped with wooden beds, immaculately clean bedding, lighting, electrical outlets, and free Wi-Fi, while the luxury bungalows have a private bathroom.

Here you can expect a completely unusual experience of rafting and other activities such as jeep safaris, quad rides, hiking, as well as top culinary specialties according to traditional recipes from our region, and the evenings are reserved for an unforgettable time by the river.

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Forget about the bad sides of standard tents, because we have raised camping to a higher level! Taking the best of both worlds - the luxury of a hotel room and a stay in the heart of nature, we have created an unforgettable experience that even the most demanding campers will enjoy. Welcome! ❤️
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