Rafting in September

rafting in september

One of the frequently asked questions is whether rafting can take place at the end of the summer. We believe you will be completely satisfied with the answer - rafting tours in September take place daily and the water level is the same as in August and July, when, in fact, most guests go rafting. So, as far as enjoyment is concerned, you will definitely not lose anything if you decide to go rafting in late summer.

When September comes rafting is even more beautiful due to less crowd on the roads and state border, and the real summer is still going strong. As September is in full swing, nature shows its real face, its colors change, they get their true splendor, and the Tara is perhaps the most magnificent. The temperatures during the day are very pleasant, and during nights they are refreshing - definitely a precondition for true enjoyment and relaxation.

Of course, our specialty is not just about water and rafting. This September we especially recommend our other activities: hiking, jeep safari and atv quad tours that will be available to you long after the end of summer activities. These activities too are carried out daily, accompanied by our professional staff and guides, and they do not fall one bit behind rafting regarding the excitement and the experiences offered.

quad tours September

Rafting lasts until mid-October, when we end the season because of the obvious-weather conditions. From that point, we, of course, immediately turn to improvement, construction and preparations for the next season.

All our activities in the winter period are directed towards you - our dear guests, in order to improve your entire experience with us. And to revise - starting this fall, our plan is to keep the camp open in the months after the rafting season for the rest of our other outdoor activities!! :)

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