Rafting season 2016 - Under construction

Under construction for season 2016

The 2015 rafting season on the Tara is over and Rafting Center Drina Tara has already initiated a number of activities on the promotion rafting season 2016 offes.

The entire accommodation complex of our rafting center is located on the bank of the river, in breathtaking nature, and this year we have doubled our property by purchasing additional land also on the river bank.

We have also started building ten new luxurious bungalows with bathrooms, so that we will increase our total capacity to more than 230 beds. Luxurious bungalows with bathrooms are equipped with a king-size bed and one extra single bed and are rented as double or triple bungalows. Lodging in our rafting center is generally included in the price, but it is possible to rent accommodation separately, especially on workdays when it is less crowded than at weekends.

Under construction for season 2016

Our plan is also to build a new covered terrace over the river so with the existing capacities we will have around 300 sitting places. In addition to the covered terrace, the plan is to build outdoor terraces in cascades to the very river so that our guests can experience nature completely.

Rafting Center Drina Tara will this year also start with the construction of additional water supply, so that it absolutely stable in summer months, as well as to be accompany the increased accommodation capacity, i.e. increased number of units with private bathroom.

Last season, by building a mini cable-way we found a way to raise boats from the coast to the boat shed, and in the coming period we plan to build and zip line from one bank of the river to the other, which would in itself represent an attraction, but would also enable additional activities on the other side of river. On that bank there are Vucevo slopes of the mountain, and untouched nature so it would be a very attractive solution for activities such as hiking on the slopes Vucevo or simple walks in the beautiful nature along the rim of the canyon.

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