Traditional organic cuisine in the new season

Traditional organic cuisine

Rafting Center Drina-Tara is well known as a regional leader in active tourism. One part of our organization is particularly well known and much praised by our guests - it is our traditional cuisine, which is unique and authentic!

The area of old Herzegovina is known for local cuisine and local ingredients which makes our job easier because in our region one can still find natural and truly organic products!

Therefore, every year in winter time we produce large amounts of domestic dried meat: ham, bacon, local sausages, our rural household. We do this by following an old family recipe. Meat is salted with sea salt and then smoked a certain number of days on beech and horn-beam wood. This year we have prepared a large amount of our domestic dried meat so that the guests can enjoy the unique flavors throughout the year!

In addition to dried meat in winter we also prepare traditional Herzegovinian Cheese in oil. Cheese is immersed in oil in October and November so that the summer season is sufficiently mature and full of flavor, and impossible to resist with prosciutto, of course!

Traditional organic cuisine

We have also developed cooperation with a number of rural households for years. They produce their products in the old fashioned way and sell them exclusively to us. So at our table our guests are served local lamb every day. The meat is fresh, prepared just before grilling, and is not defrosted, etc. For breakfast and dinner the guests are served old cream or cream cheese, which is kept in rural households exclusively for us and our guests.

Even the jam served at breakfast is made her solely from domestic products, from fresh cherries, blackberries, blueberries, etc., this area is very well known by this fruit.

Homemade wine and brandy made of plum and wild pears, but also drinks form honey complement the culinary experience!

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