Spring rafting on the Tara river - Maximum Adrenaline!

How does rafting in spring differ from the rest of the season?

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Springtime is when nature awakes from its winter sleep and the water level of the Tara and Drina rivers rises. This phenomenon presents an exceptional opportunity for adrenaline sports enthusiasts to embark on a unique adventure - spring rafting on fast mountain rivers. Spring rafting is an activity that attracts all those looking for thrills, active holidays, and challenges in the open, in nature. This adrenaline-filled adventure is a great opportunity to fulfill your desire for adventure, as well as to spend time in nature with friends.

Why is spring rafting special? High water levels of rivers make the descent fast and thrilling, and the speed of water provides a dose of adrenaline that few other sports can offer. The discipline of participants is key in this activity, as safety is the priority. Spring water level gives you the ultimate adrenaline adventure. Experience spring rafting on the fast rivers of Drina and Tara!

How does rafting in spring differ from the rest of the season?

Spring rafting differs from rafting in other seasons by several characteristics. The first and most significant characteristic is the high river water level, which is a result of the melting snow and abundant rain in the spring. The high water level makes the river faster and more demanding, making this descent extremely charged with adrenaline and emotions. In addition, the descent down the river lasts shorter, given the higher speed of the water, but the participants are the loudest due to the excitement and the crazy ride through rapids, and cascades.

Spring rafting is especially popular because it takes place on the Tara and Drina rivers, which are then rich in water due to melting snow. This makes the descent even more exciting, because the rapids are more intense, which requires more attention and concentration. Also, spring is an ideal time for rafting because the weather is mostly warm and sunny, which allows participants to enjoy the beautiful scenery and warm weather.

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Safety first

We at Rafting Center Drina Tara are aware of the importance of the participants' safety, so everyone must follow the skipper's commands. In this sport, participants are in smaller groups and all are equipped with adequate water sports safety gear, including a helmet, a life vest, and paddles. The discipline of the participants is of utmost importance. Before the start of the rafting, skippers hold a short training so that participants understand what each command means and what behavior is necessary for the boat.

Spring rafting is shorter than one in summer or autumn, but the excitement and experience are unforgettable. At the beginning of the rafting season, due to the speed of the river, the age limit of participants is raised to 12 or even 16 years, because certain physical and mental readiness is required for this sport.

We are ready for all weather conditions

For spring rafting certain weather conditions are needed, but even in case of rain, the descent is on. Our Rafting Center "Drina Tara" has the necessary equipment for all weather conditions and in case of bad weather, the departure time for rafting can only be delayed.

Rafting Center Drina Tara has more than 20 years of experience in organizing rafting tours and only once in this long period, the descent postponed for the following day. This shows how prepared we are for all kinds of weather conditions and how much we strive to provide each participant with a unique adventure they will remember for a lifetime.

Don't wait for summer to be fit

With all of this in mind, spring rafting can also help to improve physical fitness and health, and get you into top shape. Going down a river is an excellent workout for the arm and back muscles, as well as for the cardiovascular system. This is very useful for those who want to maintain their fitness, but it can also be a great opportunity for those who want to start exercising.

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Spring rafting is also a great way to escape from the usual daily routine and spend time with friends and family. Rafting can be organized as a group activity, which provides an opportunity for people to bond and spend time together. This experience is especially important for those who are engaged in stressful jobs or for those who simply want to relax and have fun.

What discounts and offers do we have for you for spring rafting on the Tara river?

Our Rafting Center Drina-Tara offers an adrenaline-filled spring rafting adventure and various arrangements that will complete your stay in this beautiful part of nature. Our offers are tailored to the different tastes and interests of our visitors. If you are one of those who just want to relax and eat real homemade food - we have an offer for you. If you are one of those who love to explore the surroundings and walk in nature, we have not forgotten you. And if you want to visit all the breathtaking viewpoints and take fantastic photos, we will organize a photo safari for you.

We offer a day of rafting, camping and rafting, three-day rafting - short, three-day rafting, ATV quads and rafting, 4x4 Zelengora ring, rafting, 4x4 Jeep safari, and much more. Our packages are carefully designed and include everything you need for an unforgettable adventure on the Tara River. If you wish, you can combine our packages to make your ideal adventure. Our team of experts will be happy to help you create a package to meet your wishes and needs.

In addition, we offer various discounts for spring rafting. If you book your adventure in advance, you can save significantly.

Spring rafting is extremely popular amongst people who enjoy challenges and excitement. This adrenaline-filled adventure is a unique opportunity for recharging your batteries and having fun with your friends. Now that you know all about spring rafting, it’s time to embark on this unforgettable adventure. Our new rafting season starts as early as March. Ask away and book your spring package in advance!

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