The best of 2015

The 2015 rafting season was finished in October. The season was more successful than the last one, and perhaps the best season so far, ever since the beginning of the Tara rafting. This can be attributed to the growing popularity of this destination but also to the perfect summer we finally had after a few quite rainy years.

In the season of 2015 our guests were choosing practically everything that we offer and also we would often make special arrangements lasting for ten days and including even some of the activities which are not in our official offer.

However, what stands out as the most popular is still the unmatched rafting in the canyon of Tara! The Tara River Canyon is the largest canyon in Europe and at three different grounds is protected by UNESCO. So basically 100% of guests choose rafting as the primary activity.

The arrangement firmly in the second place, just after rafting is a day that involves hiking and jeep safari! Practically every guest who has had enough time to stay 2 or 3 nights with us, besides rafting chose a tour of the National Park Sutjeska in arrangements that include jeep safari and then hiking to Trnovacko lake.

najbolje iz sezone 2015 zelengora

In the third place is relatively new, very attractive but also physically demanding activity - Canyoning!
Canyoning has only recently become a part of the tourist offer. In our area the most famous is Nevidio canyon and we offer daily tours of it. However, Nevidio has already become quite a commercial tour, so we decided to offer something new and more attractive, and it is newly discovered Hrcavka canyon!
Canyoning the Hrcavka is certainly the most attractive in the region. In the canyon we have highlighted several different routes, so we offer a fantastic daily longer route and a shorter one, but visitors can be taken to a tour that can take full 2 days!

Canyon Hrcavka has just discovered and guides from Rafting Center Drina-Tara was the first who marked this canyon.

The most popular arrangements in 2015

1. As far as the arrangement from our offer are concerned , the first place is taken by: Rafting and hiking which includes 3 nights, a day of rafting down the most attractive part of the Tara and a day of jeep safari with hiking to the glacier Trnovacko lake.

2. The second most popular is the arrangement: Three Days for Rafting - Short which includes one day of rafting down the most attractive section of Tara and two nights, before and after rafting. This arrangement is intended primarily to people who are traveling and do not have more time for a more substantial package.

3. In the third place is perhaps one of the most completed arrangements: Canyoning - Five Days. It is a package that combines Rafting (the most attractive section of Tara), canyoning (all day), jeep safari and hiking in the National Park Sutjeska, primeval forest Perucica and until Trnovacko glacial lake. The arrangement lasts for 5 days or 4 nights.

najbolje iz sezone 2015 kanjoning

The prices of all our arrangements involve absolutely all expenses, transportation, a guide, a driver, a skipper, all taxes, insurance, tickets for the national park, all meals of fantastic traditional cuisine you can only find with us! So that our guests pay only one amount for the complete package.
The only thing separated from the package is the consumption of drinks, but the drinks prices are quite low.

In 2015, we also completed the construction of 10 new lux bungalows with bathrooms. These bungalows are specially rented and we have a capacity of about 30 beds in this type of accommodation. The standard bungalows have more than 200 beds altogether.

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