A weekend of traditional cuisine

traditional cuisine

Once again we will be talking about our traditional cuisine, but this time in a slightly different way. This weekend (September 17th to 18th) we are organizing a weekend of open cooking. Together with our guests, our restaurant will be preparing some of our most popular dishes.

This September has treated us with such pleasant summer temperatures, so we have decided to treat our guests and share with them some of the secrets of our traditional organic cuisine. After rafting, the restaurant will organize an open kitchen day where our chefs will be preparing meals, together with our guests. All the people who have been rafting in our camp at lleast once know that the good times continue even to more intensely afterwards in the restaurant of the camp. This weekend we will try to give our guests pleasant scents of traditional dishes.

Our chef, Sanjin Njuhovic, the finalist of a popular TV show LUK ili MED (Garlic or Honey), will host this educational and entertaining class in our restaurant. This well known chef has worked in many elite restaurants in the region such as the Grand restaurant on Zlatibor mountain. With his charm and skills he will be preparing chicken in Stroganoff sauce and chicken in mushroom sauce through interaction with other cooks and guests.

traditional cuisine sanjin njuhovic

As well as for rafting, we would like our guests to remember this weekend for new recipes, good food and the secrets of our organic cuisine.

You can see the photo gallery form our kitchen here.


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