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We have 15 XXL quads, enough for groups with more than 20 participants.

Rafting Center Drina-Tara | Rafting Tara, atv quad rides on Zelengora

For more than 5 years, one of the most popular activities in nature we offer, has been riding quads. It is, without a doubt, a unique experience that all our guests, once they try it, want to do all over. Our camp offers 15 XXL-size ATV Quad vehicles.

All our quad tours are exclusively guided. So, we do not rent quads "per hour", but we organize tours with a plan and program, always guided by experienced guides. Guides ride their quads, while our guests ride theirs. There are certain rules and a short briefing (meeting with instructions) that takes place before the start of the tour.

In our standard offer we have short quad tours of an hour or two, done in the immediate vicinity of our rafting camp, during which we ride along very beautiful trails in nature. When leaving the camp, we always ride a few kilometers on the road until we reach the offroad trail.

In addition to less-demanding, shorter tours suitable for almost everyone and less, we also organize real expedition tours every day. They are usually one whole day long, although they can be expanded to more days.

Most often it is an expedition to the top of the Tara canyon that starts directly from the camp or a whole day expedition to the mountain Zelengora and the lakes of Zelengora. Within the ATV quad tour on Zelengora, vehicles are transported from the camp to the National Park Sutjeska, from where the off-road driving starts.

Rafting Centar Drina-Tara, rafting tara, voznja kvadova na ZelengoriRafting Center Drina-Tara | Rafting Tara, ATV Quad rides on the zelengora mountain

During the expedition rides, we also organize complete support and meals in nature (support for off-road vehicles and transport of ATV quad vehicles as well as participants in the ride).

Quad ride to the top of the Tara canyon to the Zlatni bor cheese farm

It is a tour to the Tara canyon we have been organizing for only 2-3 years.
We used our own means to make the path for the ascent to the top of the canyon directly from our Rafting Center Drina-Tara and it is an amazing path! You will ride through a forest that looks like it has been described in a Tolkien novel- fairytale-like, with wild springs and incredible panoramas.

During this tour, in just a few kilometers, you will do the vertical ascent of over 1000m above sea level, so it is clear the route is very demanding. However, that is not a problem for our vehicles with the most modern transmission systems.
Our guides are always there to help you on the most difficult parts of the trail, as well as to give advice and guide you safely through the adventure.

Rafting Centar Drina-Tara, rafting tara, voznja kvadova na kanjonu TareRafting Center Drina-Tara | Rafting Tara, ATV Qaud ride on the Tara canyon

After climbing through the ancient beech forest, we cross the altitude border of the coniferous forest and then drive to the plateau of the canyon, all the way to the fantastic village of Zlatni bor, located on the edge of the canyon. During the tour, you can visit beautiful lookouts from where you can see a phenomenal view of the massifs of Maglić, Durmitor, the canyons of Tara and Piva rivers, and all this as if in the palm of your hand. On Zlatni Bor there is a unique rural household, a cheese farm owned by our friends, so we stop there to take a break, with a tasting of homemade cheeses prepared in the old way, from organic milk from these plateaus. We also organize lunch on the farm, which is so special at this altitude, along with spring water and homemade brandy.

A quad ride to the Zelengora Mountain and a tour of the glacial lake

The expedition to Zelengora is also a full day tour.
This quad expedition starts early in the morning, with ATV vehicles loaded on trailers in our camp and, together with the participants, transported via Tjentiste through the canyon of Sutjeska and Vratar to Izgore, where one of the entrances to the mountain Zelengora is located.
From there we go offroad and ride down the old roads from the old Austrian times all the way to Lake Orlovac, under the top of Zelengora.
The scenes on Zelengora are breathtaking and you will immediately realize how the name suits this mountain (Zelen= green, Gora=mountain). Orlovacko Lake is also of rare beauty. There are icy wild springs near the lake and next to one of them we always set lunch - the appetite on Zelengora is unusually emphasized. :)

Rafting Centar Drina-Tara, rafting tara, voznja kvadova na Zelengori, Orlovacko jezeroRafting Center Drina-Tara | Rafting Tara, ATV Quad rides on the zelengora mountain, Orlovacko lake

Orlovacko Lake is great for swimming, so we often spend a few hours more enjoying all it has to offer..
There are active and lively summer shepherds’ huts (katuns) in the immediate vicinity of the lake, so there is often some fresh katun food on the lunch menu.

In order to ride a quad, a valid category B driver's license is required and sufficient. ATV expeditions can actually be organized throughout the year, except when there is heavy snow, and the trails are blocked. We will be waiting for you to enjoy these unique expeditions and rides!

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