New Year's resolution: sports we haven't tried before

Are you ready for the the adventures in 2023?

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January is the right time to make habit-changing decisions. Should we try some new sports this year and do something beneficial for our health? How to be more active and spend more time in the fresh air?

In this article, we will suggest outdoor activities that are bound to affect your body and mind positively. Each of these activities has its specific advantages.

Rafting on Tara and Drina

This activity is perfect for those who want to feel adrenaline and adventure in nature. In addition, rafting on Tara is a great opportunity to socialize with friends and family. Rafting is a dynamic and exciting sport that can be tried in fast mountain rivers such as Drina and Tara because of their rapids suitable for rafting.

Rafting requires teamwork, good coordination, and communication, which makes this sport great for developing team spirit, so it is popular with couples, families, groups of friends, and teams from various companies that want to improve and strengthen interpersonal relationships.

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Hiking is one of the best activities for those who want to feel the joy of movement in nature. Furthermore, hiking lets you get closer to the mountain and the forest in a way that is difficult to do otherwise. Hiking helps improve fitness and flexibility and presents a real revival of body and mind.

Here you can try the hiking trails of the Sutjeska National Park, where mountains, forests, mountain lakes, the Perućica rainforest, and canyons await you, along with unforgettable climbs to the peaks of Maglić, Durmitor, and Ljubišnja.

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Mountain climbing

Mountaineering is another activity that is great for those who want to feel the joy of being in nature. Besides, it allows you to climb to the tops of mountains where you will be amazed by the beautiful views and panoramas.

Mountain climbing has many health benefits including improved physical fitness, stress relief, increased self-confidence, mental clarity, a better connection with nature, and bursts of creativity. It does require physical strength and endurance, which helps improve fitness, and it helps reduce stress and anxiety, allowing people to relax mentally and emotionally. Mountaineering requires courage and strength to climb to the top, which helps to increase self-confidence.

It allows people to detach from everyday worries and focus on the moment, which helps improve mental clarity. It also allows people to connect with nature and feel part of a larger whole. While mountain climbing you will have time to think of new ideas and be creative.


Cycling is another great activity for those who want to feel the joy of moving in nature. In addition, cycling allows you to move quickly and explore new places in a completely ecological manner.

Regular cycling reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes and improves endurance and physical fitness. It brings enjoyment to the areas and a greater awareness of the preservation of the environment, and it also reduces the tension and nervousness accumulated due to work and the busy lifestyle in the city environment. Also, while pedaling, you burn calories and reduce body weight. And what is not negligible - you don’t need to worry about parking or fuel and car registration costs!

For more demanding climbs, we offer you e-bike tours - tours of the mountains, viewpoints, and all the secrets of the national park while riding electric bikes.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is another activity great for those who have decided to discover their adventurous and fearless side. Since it takes place on rocks and cliffs, you will become more resistant to stress, better focused, learn not to give up, develop your strategic thinking, and since rock climbing can be trained in groups, it also helps in developing new friendships, better communication, and teamwork.

Horse riding

Horseback riding is a recreational activity that has a variety of benefits. It takes place outdoors and you learn a lot about these noble animals and connect with them. It requires continuous muscle strain, which contributes to greater strength and fitness. Since it requires the body to coordinate with the horse, it improves balance and agility. Being around horses and riding them has a therapeutic effect - it reduces stress, improves mood, and increases self-confidence and self-esteem. People who ride regularly say that they feel relaxed and that they find their peace while riding.


If you haven't done it yet, it's time to feel the winter magic of going down a snowy slope. Skiing is another activity that is great for those who want to feel the joy of moving in nature. In addition, skiing allows you to move quickly and admire beautiful views. You will feel good and satisfied with yourself when you master skiing skills.


Kayaking is another great activity for those who want to explore the outdoors. It allows you to get close to fish, birds, and magical flora and fauna from a completely different perspective. It helps to improve coordination and balance, and it is a well-known fact that water has a beneficial effect on mental health. Explore new places and meet new people with this popular water activity.


And last but not least- the most challenging sport that requires the greatest physical and psychological competence, courage, and strength - is canyoning. Move through the narrow passes, and see canyons and gorges, as well as all the wild areas and beauties of the river flow in an adventurous way. The experience of conquering obstacles and a sense of success improves mental endurance and increases confidence. Master the canyons Nevidio and Hrcavka and explore them in their full magnificence.

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Outdoor sports are a great way to refresh, and relax, and are very hugely beneficial for both physical and mental health. These are some ideas to get yourself out into nature and do something new and exciting. If you are looking for new experiences and adventures outdoors, in the fresh air, definitely consider these activities and find the one that suits you best.

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