Winter does not stop the works in our rafting camp

winter 2018 rafting tara

This winter, unlike the previous one, has so far been kind to us and has left us without snow and extremely low temperatures. So we continued all the works in our rafting camp without a big pause. After the New Year's and Christmas holidays, all our engineers, workers and staff are already in the camp where we continue the work and preparations for the next rafting season fully motivated. And for the projects we are running, we will need a little more time! :)

Our biggest challenge, which is growing these days in our camp, is the construction of a restaurant-terrace of more than 700m², located above the river, on the river bank. The terrace has three levels, with a beautiful view and different purpose areas:

  • THE LOWER PART of the terrace will be a special conference room for various related activities, perfectly adapted for constructive team building activities.

  • THE CENTRAL PART of the 400m² terrace is a restaurant with a large fire pit in the middle - one of our trademarks in the camp for many years.

  • THE UPPER PART of 200m² will be specially arranged for relaxation, with a beautiful view made for our guests’ open-air enjoyment.

See you soon!

rafting tara winter 2018

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