Cooling down - from the Adriatic to a 2-day rafting adventure!

adriatic sea and rafting

Every year increasing number of foreign guests visit our region. Guests from all over the world arrive in summer from the beaches of the Adriatic seaside bringing their various languages and enrichening our camp with their culture and tradition.

Most tourists in the region visit the Adriatic and they dig a little bit deeper into the mainland to visit our area, because this part of the Old Herzegovina is globally known as one of the most beautiful places in Europe, with many unique natural phenomena. For these tourists, the visit is real refreshment, and it is usually the peak of their holiday. They choose to leave the overcrowded Adriatic coasts to come to enjoy the nature, the peace and quiet or a pleasant party at weekends. Greeted with a warm welcome and traditional cuisine, only then can they enjoy themselves and relax in the right way, away from mass tourism and its rules. And for us, such guests always bring good mood with their positivity. They bring interesting, new stories and color our camp in a wonderful way.

Although our camp is relatively close to the Adriatic coast, the mountain climate in which it is located offers the right cooling, unlike the hot sand from the Adriatic beach. Cool temperatures at night often require covering up with warmer blankets. What most guests tell us after one stay in our camp is: we finally got some sleep! :) If we add rafting and swimming in the fresh Tara river, our guests definitely get the right refreshment and cooling in warm summer months!

from the Adriatic to rafting

We try to meet all our guests’ needs. Sometimes we are likely to serve dinner at midnight or breakfast very early in the morning so that our guests can fit them into their busy schedule and see everything they want.

From the Adriatic it usually takes about 3 hours to our Rafting Center Drina-Tara, so our recommendation to our Adriatic guest is to stay for at least 1-2 nights, as the activities and the drive in just one day can be quite tiring in these warm summer months.

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