Rafting Center Drina Tara - Active Holiday Guide

Our camp is open to guests from March until mid-October.

Rafting center Drina Tara Active vacation guide

Rafting Center Drina-Tara has been open for more than two decades, doing what we simply love. Our team brings together people who grew up in this area and who have spent most of their lives doing their job for pleasure. In the Rafting center Drina Tara there are rafting guides , better known as skippers. We have guides for hiking tours that include hiking or trekking in the Sutjeska National Park and Durmitor National Park, Ljubisnja mountain, and Celebici region. Furthermore, we have guides and drivers for 4x4 jeep tours, tour guides with our ATV quads, guides for canyoning tours in Hrcavka and Nevidio canyons. There are also instructors for airsoft competitions, instructors for zip line, etc. Therefore, we offer our guests a variety of outdoor activities that are part of an active vacation.

Quite a common question asked by our guests is about the possibility of certain activities throughout the season. Let us explain it in more details.

The season of active vacation and the period in which our camp is open to guests is from March until mid-October. We do have the capacity to accommodate guests in the winter too, but for now we do not have enough inquiries for the winter season.

Adrenaline rafting on the Tara river

Rafting tours start as early as March. Rafting on the Tara River is possible all year round though, but the period from March to October is the most enjoyable and most popular. In March and April, real rafting enthusiasts gather here. The weight of water on the rafting scale in these months, depending on the specific weather conditions, ranges from 3+ to the 4th degree of difficulty.

At the end of April and the beginning of May, the water level rises so that the weight of the water increases and reaches the 5th degree or even 5+ depending on the water level. It often happens that a certain number of days in May, the most popular section of Tara of 25 km is shortened by 3-4 kilometers due to the fact that those 3-4 kilometers become too difficult for tourist tours. Then, in June, the water level stabilizes, so that in the second half of June, in July, August and September, families with smaller children/ older members start coming for rafting. So the summer period is the period when rafting is completely safe for primary school children, etc. - from 8 to 88!

Hiking & Jeep Photo safari

When it comes to Jeep photo safari tours, they are available all year round. At the beginning of the season in March, April and part of May, it is sometimes not possible to break into certain destinations by off-road vehicles due to snow, but we do our best to inform our guests what is possible and when it is possible to perform.

The most common hiking tour is the ones on Trnovacko glacier lake as well as the hiking tour "Zelengora ring". These two hiking tours usually become available as early as the first days of May when the snow on the trails is melted enough.

Canyoning - Hrcavka Canyon & Nevidio Canyon

Canyoning tours are quite unpredictable when it comes to the start date of the tours. Sometimes it's the end of May, sometimes the beginning of June, and if the summer has a lot of rainfall, then it can move even to the end of June.  Some years we might do canyoning tours, and after a few days of rain or snow in the mountains above the canyon, the water level in the canyon increases so much that it makes it impossible to go  canyoning for some time. Canyoning is therefore the activity most sensitive to weather conditions, so July, August and September are the best and safest choice that you will be able to enjoy canyoning.

AirSoft & Zip-Line

You can schedule AirSoft matches every day, the polygon is located a few hundred meters from our Rafting Center and the match requires at least 2 people. Just above the Airsoft polygon there is a Zip-Line across the canyon that be used during the entire rafting season.

ATV Quads ride

A special attraction is our ATV Quads. We have 12 large and powerful ATV Quads for groups of 20 people at a time. The quad rides are also available year-round but the best season is from March to November. They raise your adrenaline but also provide historical and photo landscape tours to the Tara canyon, to the top of the Tara canyon, to the Zelengora mountain, National Parks Sutjeska and Durmitor, etc.



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